An Ode from Naughty to Heath


Our goat Heath died back in July of 2014. Although this is not current news, as I was not writing at the time, this milestone did not make it onto Brown Road Chronicles. To those that have not been around since the beginning of this blog, Heath was one of the first two goats we had here at Brown Road and half of the “World Famous Goats” Naughty and Heath, stars of many-a-story as BRC was growing into an epic World Famous blog. Heath was a storied creature with painted fur, regal horns and an exquisitely coiffed beard. If you are interested, some of the highlights are here:

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Heath was an old goat and died peacefully of old age. He had been failing for some time and although the thought to put him down was constantly in the back of our minds, he seemed mostly content and so we put off the inevitable. He laid on his side one night in a stall in the barn, unable to get up, and we knew nature would take its course.

In good hillbilly fashion, we cremated him the following evening in a large bonfire, while we sat around and reminisced. Kim and I drank a bunch of wine and got drunk and cried a little bit. That night when I went into the barn I saw Naughty scratching something into the dirt floor while the other goats watched. I sat down on a stump of wood in the barn, sipping from my glass and waited for him to finish before running inside and grabbing a note pad and pencil.

This is what it said:

Oh Heath, my friend, I’ll miss you now, so here I share this simple ode
To honor thou, the life we shared in grassy fields on old Brown Road
Transcendent summer days we spent in speckled sun and dappled shade
And hunkered down inside our barn when winter brought its white cascade

Our days went by with scarce a thought what legacy we’d soon behold
But fame it grew in local lore with anecdotal stories told
In fictive tales and epic yarns of life amongst the Warner brood
Your star shined bright amongst the breadth of stories read and photos viewed

But battles, though we may win some, against thine adversary, age
That time must come, when all that’s left is that which dons the printed page
So I move on to coming days with Holly, Ella, Jack and Moo
But filled with cherished memories of special times I spent with you

Yeah, I was impressed too. RIP Heath, we’ll keep the Brown Road Chronicles legacy going!


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11 responses to “An Ode from Naughty to Heath

  1. Obviously a Heath was a fellow of fine style and personality. It’s a good time of year for tributes to friends

  2. Well said – it’s interesting how our animals become part of our family – we get to really know and understand them and when they are gone, there’s an empty place and memories. I am certain he would have been proud of your tribute.

  3. I enjoyed reading back through your goat posts. (Your “Moment In Time” post is in the top two of my most memorable reads on WordPress. Honest.) What a nice tribute to Heath and to all your goats that you’ve memorialized them in writing. He sure was a handsome fella.

  4. I love the clarity of the photo. I want to get my hands on whatever wine you two were drinking.

  5. I’ve missed you! I don’t know why I no longer receive your posts, but I’ll have to try and sign back up. Because this Ode just proves what a great writer you (!) are, and how glad I am to read you again… Happy New Year.

    • Thanks so much for coming back! I don’t know if you are aware, I took a year plus off from this… it was nice!! But something drew me back and its already been fun again! Glad to hear your book is doing well! I see your FB posts.

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