Rhyme Time

Just some poems and stories I’ve written.

Have fun!

From ONE to TEN 
A 1-10 counting story about all the folks that live on Brown Road with a giggle out loud ending.

The Tale of Slobenia Isle
The epic battle of the King and Queen and the horribly messy kids on Slobenia Isle.

Roadkill Stew
A Hillbilly love story! An instant classic! Includes an audio version!

Mr. Smither was in a Dither
Mr. Smither tries to pull a nail from a squeaky floor board. You’ll never believe what happened next! Includes an audio version.

The Snow Globe
A charming Christmas Story about a little girl growing up and passing on her treasured snow globe.

When Goats eat Remotes
A story about the seven days in the week… and about goats eating EVERYTHING!

The Dad Store
A Father’s Day story with the learning lesson that “grass is not always greener on the other side.”

The Dolly with No Head
Is there a Dolly with No Head living under your bed? Never trust what your siblings tell you!

Goats in Coats
A story about the world-famous Goats, Naughty and Heath.

That Most Gigantic, Elephantic, Three Eyed Wildebeest
A story about acceptance… no matter how strange someone… or something… is.

Anna Phylaxis
A tale of the wild, wild west that kids with allergies will love!

A Ghostly Tale
A tale about the ghost in our home. Who doesn’t love a great ghost story?

The Rules of Texting
Careful with your texting behavior!

The Sylvia Plath Effect
Are you a poet? Do you have the Sylvia Plath effect… or are you just another Seuss?

If you had to choose a tool to use…
A rhyming story about tools.

O’ Beautiful Corn
A poem about the days of summer and the wonderful food corn on the cob with a laugh out loud ending.

What’s Your Name?
A charming story about how we named our daughter.

The Tree of Life
A story about a boy climbing “the tree of life.”

Messy Marvin
There’s a Monster living in Dad’s truck and it’s because of your mess!

Things on me are changing…
Getting old? This one might be for you.

In a Pickle
Is there anything harder than getting a pickle from a jar?

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