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Hi I’m Steve.  My family and I live in Michigan.  These are my stories, thoughts, feelings, anecdotes… a lot of it is funny… seriously!  Some of it I think is funny, but you might not.  Some of it is real serious-like but not much.  I try to keep it light-hearted.  Let’s just say it’s a little bit Garrison Keillor, a little bit George Carlin, a little bit Dr. Seuss.

Thanks for stopping by… hope you have some fun on Brown Road!

66 responses to “About Me

  1. Megan

    I just found your blog and it is quite entertaining 🙂
    Keep posting


    • Dear Steve,
      I literally grew up on Brown Road, on the outskirts of a small town in rural upstate NY – dairy farm country. I am a Silicon Valley success story these days but still love the scent and sight of an old worn barn coat.

      I’ll be reading more of your blog. Thank you,
      🙂 Mira A.

  2. I am looking forward to your posts!
    We moved to the country about 3,4 months ago…. and i have fallen completely head over heels in love with it. We still see city everyday (work and school), but we go home to a holiday.
    And yes, we too have goats (very naughty), sheep and a pig called Henry.

  3. Hey “bokkie”, thanks for all the nice replies. Funny, we also have adopted two goats recently also – back in late Fall, from a farm where my daughter rides horses, and althought they cam pre-named, one is actually named “Naughty”!! The other is named Heath. No pigs or sheep… yet. Maybe a horse in the future. Have a few post ideas about the goats!

  4. I see you are live in the country; however, the real question is, do you hunt? 🙂 Hope you and your family enjoy every minute in Southwest Michigan!

    • Hi! No, I’m not a hunter, lots of my friends are but it’s never been my thing. I’d happily sit around a hunting lodge with some friends over a few beers but that’s about it. I like to fish occasionally. Hunting is huge around here though, especially deer hunting season of course, like a federal holiday… lol… people always used to say, never buy a car that was built during deer season… because all the regular, reliable employees would be gone those two weeks!!!

  5. Hi Steve,
    I like the tone of the blog. Glad you found me and that we’ve connected. I play guitar too. I’ve still got my original guitar from ’96. . .

    take care,

  6. I am glad I found your blog 🙂 I won’t ever be freshly pressed either …your blog on that was hilarious!! Look forward to reading more…ttfn, Donna.

  7. Hi Steve,
    It’s not FP, but I left you something over at my place

  8. Just started reading your blog and wanted to say hi. I’m originally from southeast Michigan, moved away 9 years ago 🙂

  9. Steve, would love to have you write a post for The Write On Project. Next topic is “Guilt”, something you’ve probably never felt in your parenting career, right? 🙂 Here’s the link: http://thewriteonproject.wordpress.com/participate/
    Let me know what you think, or just do it! Lovin’ your site, your style, and your vibe. Glad to have connected.


  10. I’m absolutely LOVING your blog! It’s such a fun, lighthearted read. AND educational! I mean, I just learned I’m developing BOOBS. But I can’t talk now – I have to go check my site stats for the 846th time (lol).

  11. harrythehandyman

    i like your blog with plenty of content etc. i hope you don’t mind me saying but , i think you should add the ” read more ” button to your posts it saves visitors scrolling for ever if they like what they are reading they will click the button and read the rest , you can see it in my blog and most others . your posts don’t have categories and you should bring the amount of categories and tags up to a limit of 9/10 the search engines look for both , harry

  12. Hi Steve:

    I’m adding some new folks to my blogroll tomorrow in honour of my one year “blogiversary.” May I add you to “He Said”? Thanks.


  13. Hi Wendy, why yes, of course! I’d be honored!! 🙂

  14. harrythehandyman

    hi Steve , i’m going to add you to my blogroll if you would like to do the same , harry

    btw , i like your handyman post i might add it into my handyman site 🙂

  15. harrythehandyman

    your new post ” dad ” has a fault and cannot be found

  16. harrythehandyman

    BTW , your blog has been added to my site , harry

  17. I happily landed here via Emily of Paroxysm. I was reading your post about goats and wanted to comment (I know a bit about goats) but now it seems to have disappeared…strange. Anyway, looking forward to reading more.

  18. Added you to my blogroll! 🙂

  19. Hiya, I just found you and your blog looks cool! My mother was raised in MI (20mi from the border), although I’ve only visited.

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  21. Hi Steve, can you send me your email to send you something, i think i can get it by a comment or a like i don’t know which, Harry

  22. Congratulations! You are the winner of TWO very prestigious blogging awards. http://wp.me/p1jqDM-NQ

  23. Fun blog! You make me laugh. Your writing style is interesting and easy to follow, I like it. I had to subscribe to see what you will come up with next! Can’t wait 🙂

  24. Hey Brown Road Chronicles, I nominated you for The Versatile Award because I think it is great blog. Check out my blog for more info. cheers Maiya

  25. I love your unofficial copyright notice. ♥

  26. I really love your blog…it reminds me of my childhood. I was born in MI and moved away when I was in the 2nd grade. I’ll never forget ice skating on the pond in front of my house…thanks for bringing it back for me

  27. Tag, You’re it! Come see what mess I’ve gotten you in. Love, Vickie

  28. You’ve definitely got a follower here 🙂 Great blog, excellent writer!

  29. Dana

    Hi Steve,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog it reminds me of my childhood days especially the tooth fairy story. It really makes me laugh.
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  30. Hello Steve, It is really great blog. I like it very much !!

  31. I grew up in the country SW Wisconsin… Spent many summers northern MN BWCA…
    Wish my kids had the same but youngest needs to be close to the city… http://www.kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com
    Glad to find your post

  32. daily life impressions

    I’ll wait for the kids book been published…

  33. Scott Sappenfield

    Best of luck sir!

  34. I am an aspiring country inhabitant just waiting for the first chance to leave the big city and so glad to have found your blog to give me that extra incentive!

  35. Hi Steve,
    Would you be willing to participate in something we are doing for Susie Lindau on Friday morning? I am contacting as many of her followers as possible. My thought is that we all post on our own blogs on Friday with the same title, “Susie Strong”. The content would say something simple like, We are thinking of you. I haven’t known Susie for long but this blogging world is such a family. I thought it would be nice for her to see this message from as many of us as possible. Her husband is going to be updating us after her surgery. He can tell her or she can see it once she is up to it. Are you in? Thanks, Maria aka brickhousechick

  36. “… a lot of it’s funny …seriously”
    Great way to be introduced to you and your work.
    Best wishes.

  37. Hi Steve

    Pleased to meet you. :).

    My name is Kevin Gillespie, I do, MUCH prefer to be called Kev. :).

    I live in Wales, & am now Following your Blog. :).

    Best Wishes
    Kev. 🙂

  38. Just found your blog, looking forward to more from you.

  39. This is fantastic! I look forward to reading much more. Well done.

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  41. Hey:) Sounds nice, writing a book for children. Dr. Seuss sure knows what he`s talking about:)

  42. If I lived on a farm, I would want some goats. 🙂

  43. You had me at Carlin and Seuss. After years plying the oceans of the world, my sweetie and I came to shore and settled in the Pacific Northwest, less than an hour from Puget Sound, snuggled up against the edges of the Cascade Mountains. Looking forward to reading more.

  44. Allan G. Smorra

    Thanks for following my blog. I have returned the favor—I like what you are doing.

  45. Pleased to have found your distinctive blog Steve. Looking forward to further visits. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (give it a spin)

  46. ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ʏᴏʀᴋ ᴍɪɴᴜᴛᴇ

    Like it or not, you’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. nyinstant.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/eat-your-heart-out/

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