Pro-Tips for Working from Home


When I’m not out on sales calls I work from a home office. I spend lots of time in my small, roughly 6′ x 10′ office space, surrounded by piles of paper that need to be filed someday. If you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home due to Covid-19, here’s some tips from a pro.

5. All that stuff you’ve read about getting dressed in work clothes to be more productive in your home office is BS. You can work and be just as productive in your pajamas or your underwear if you want, no one really cares. Unless you’re on a Zoom Video Conference call. Then I’d suggest you may want to dress appropriately!

4. When you’re working from home you can take a nap in the middle of the day. Not like putting your head down on your desk or closing your eyes while pretending to type on a keyboard or out in your car in the parking lot. A real nap… in your own bed! Set an alarm for a half hour. Maybe snooze it once. If you’re having a tough day maybe twice. Just remember the clock starts when you start working and it ends when the work is done. You have some freedom in when you put in your “8 hour day” but you also want to be able to turn it off at night.

3. The refrigerator will be calling to you constantly like a shining beacon in the night! Like the Star of Bethlehem leading the Three Wise Men to Jesus! You’ll here it whisper to you, “hey buddy, you haven’t eaten anything in 15 minutes, you must be starving!” You also, due to recent events, likely have five years worth of food rations stocked in your home. This one is on you. Be strong, padlock the fridge and pack a lunch box if you need to.

2. You won’t have your super-annoying colleague around to bother you but there’s infinitely more distractions at home. The TV, Netflix, staring out your office window at the shining sun, taking naps (see #4), yearning to go for a run or a walk or a bike ride, snacking (see #3), the dirty dishes that need to be washed, the home improvement projects you’ve been putting off for 10 years and on and on. Set some goals and guidelines. When you hit those goals take a break… and preferably go burn off the calories from all those snacks you just mowed down!

1. Lastly if you’ve suddenly found that you AND your spouse are BOTH working from home. Hmmmm…. good luck friends, that’s uncharted territory!


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3 responses to “Pro-Tips for Working from Home

  1. Nice to hear from someone who has already paddled the uncharted waters!
    Two of my grown children are now working from home – as are their almost adult children. I’m having fun thinking about the ramifications of that.
    We are still far from home – have chosen to sit this out in AZ rather than returning to Canada as per the request of our government. Better weather is the big plus…

  2. subourbonmom

    I’m working at home with my hubby – we actually work for the same firm, so not much new here – we still meet periodically in the kitchen. Pretty sure I’m going to gain 30 lbs unless I padlock the fridge!

  3. How in the world did I not “like” this or comment. I am pretty sure I had the time to read and comment. Miss your blog and your posts on Instagram and Facebook. Hope you are well. Peace.

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