Brown Road Chronicles T-Shirts

In my ongoing quest to become famous I have contracted with a very successful advertising and marketing agency to move that goal forward. They have been very busy…  first that fabulous radio commercial, now a series of t-shirts.  Sorry, these are not for sale at this time but if you want, you can vote on your favorite below! Have fun.







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23 responses to “Brown Road Chronicles T-Shirts

  1. Haha, The BOOBS tee would be pretty funny on me!

  2. bigsheepcommunications

    Julie gets my vote (no offense to your goats).

  3. You are your guitar, Cowboy. It’s part of your brand. I’d buy one. Probably.

    • Of course I would NEVER think to actually license and sell products with my blog name on it… that would be selling out… AND WOULDN’T THAT BE SO SWEET?… uhh I mean… I would never do that, it would ruin the integrity of the blog… I would never do such a thing! ‘Cuz you know, there’s a lot of integrity going on here………

  4. Voted, and i wish you all the best with the advertising and marketing agency, when you become famous i might see you on your tour around Brition.

  5. Too bad you’re not actually having them made. I’d pay to see a bunch of guys walking around in a shirt that says “I’ve got B.O.O.B.S”…

  6. Julie (the tee version) looks like the waitresses at the chatterbox cafe near my work! 1 and 4 are my faves, less being more. This was a great idea, even as fantasy. Inspiring. Now I want to design one that’s army green with insignia on the sleeves that says CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.

    • Yeah, that Julie, she just has one of those faces that you think you’ve met before! Was kind of a fun post. Captain Obvious huh? I picture a guy with a large CO on his chest… could also stand for Cobalt, Carbon Monoxide, Colorado… etc.

  7. Margie

    Best of luck in your search for fame and… what is that other ‘F’ word you like – oh yeah, fortune.

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