The Ladybug Song

In my ongoing effort to become a world famous author, songwriter and creator of content for children, I decided to write another song and figured you can’t lose with ladybugs. Everyone loves ladybugs and if you look at the number of published children’s books about our little spotted wing friends, writing about ladybugs is a sure thing.

So please take a listen and let me know what you think. It’s a cute little song, soothing and melodic with a great denouement at the end. See that big word I just used there? Only world famous authors and songwriters can use big words like denouement.

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy it… make sure you listen to the whole song though… you know, so you don’t miss the denouement! 😉

What do you mean you sense sarcasm in my voice?!?


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15 responses to “The Ladybug Song

  1. You and your songwriting are responsible for me spending ten minutes researching the Asian Lady Beetle infestation of America. 🙂

  2. Oh my God, you are so awesome!!! As I listened to the first part of your quaint song, I was feeling like maybe I was the only one that hates those little buggers all over my walls and floors that stain everything and actually smell when you squish them! But thanks to your denouement, I feel so much better! Hilarious and so darn true. I’m sharing it with my 21 year old son who is home for Spring Break and who’s room gets the most asian impostors than any other room in our house. 🙂

  3. You really have a way with denouement. I’ll bet you hear that a lot.

    Also, Ladybug Stains would be a good band name…or something. I don’t know exactly what yet, but there’s going to be a great use for that term.

  4. Splendiferous.
    Another big word to add to your vocabulary.

  5. I’d never heard a single word of these bugs ‘til today,
    But after hearing your great song on google I did play,
    I learned they’d been imported all on purpose for some pests
    Because the buggy pest importer experts thought it best;

    Were anacondas down in Florida also brought here too?
    To help control the stray pool ‘gators chomping down on you?
    And how about the sucking lampreys in the five Great Lakes?
    And Asian carp? And zebra mussels? Were these not mistakes?

    The kudzu vine? Will we now find it really is a boon,
    Without its climb, that wild phone lines would drape around the moon?
    Is this our fate? To dumbly wait, while experts choose what’s wise,
    While one-percenters, island-bound, point Learjets at the skies?

    If that’s the case, the human race, had better evolve fast,
    We need to breed, faster than weeds, or by pests be outclassed,
    So find a friend, a real close pal, and do your civic best,
    And feel that pride, down deep inside, while beating off
    a pest.

  6. I hate ladybugs. Even with the added talents of your musical stylings (which are lovely, by the way,) ladybugs stink.

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