Ten Ways Writing is Like Sex

writers block

Writers Block?!?!?!

10. Writing definitely became more prolific and interesting when electronic tools became mainstream.

9. Although sometimes it’s easier just to go it alone, in the long run you’re better off having some other people involved.

8. Sometimes writing is slow and deliberate, sometimes it’s fast and frenzied, but you’re usually pretty satisfied with the end result. And if you’re not… you can always try again tomorrow.

7. We live in a busy world. You often just need to schedule a specific time to get your writing done, like Sunday nights after the kids go to bed.

6. A little prompting can help lubricate your thought process.

5. Most of us are ready to write at a moment’s notice, but sometimes it’s easier just to use the excuse “I have a headache.”

4. Protection (as in copyright) should always be at the forefront of one’s thoughts.

3. Some days writing is all we think about.  Some days, even when we try not to think about it… it’s all we think about.

2. When it’s just not happening for you it’s important to think outside of the box, try new things, explore new genres, but realistically you’ll have the most success when you stick with your tried and true techniques.

1. The end result isn’t always what’s important… sometimes it’s all about the lead-up.  Okay… yeah… whatever, the end result is pretty important… getting published that is!

Good luck with your end result. And when you do get published, well if you’re a girl you can find someone to cuddle with. If you’re a guy, okay… just this once… it’s okay to pass out on your side of the bed!


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29 responses to “Ten Ways Writing is Like Sex

  1. A super entertaining Saturday morning read – thanks – for some reason I just can’t get “writing” off my mind now!

  2. Fantastic. Wow! *takes out cyber cigarette* Like sex, writers hope the experience wall is good for their partners, too. 😉

  3. Cheryl

    LOL! Love it!

  4. I’m sure you got get satisfaction from the thrill of writing that 🙂

  5. Loved this post! However I have a question. I make my living as a writer (technical writer). Does that mean I am ho….? Nevermind.

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  7. The Old Heave Ho

    Reblogged this on the old heave ho and commented:
    I thought this very insightful so reblogging and one of my favorite blogs so it doubles as a shout out 😀

  8. To paraphrase a David Wilcox song, “At first you do it for love. Then you do it with friends. But when you do it for money, right there’s where the innocence ends.”

    Very nicely done!

  9. GOF

    At my age writing at night is just too much trouble and it interferes with my sleeping time, and writing during the day spoils my nap times.

  10. Perfection! Thank you for the insights and the laughs. The only thing I’d change is that I would have thought of/written it! Well done!

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  12. Sometimes you really need affirmation afterwards. Other times you already know your piece was excellent.

  13. This post is a good example of why I follow your blog! Love it!

  14. Steve! This made me think you should have entered Pitch Wars – you write MG/YA don’t you? Or is it younger? It was a great writing competition! He he he I retweeted to the authors and mentors, I’m sure they’ll like it!

  15. Honeybee Lilico

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