When Goats Eat Remotes

If you’ve ever had goats, you know they will eat almost anything.


On Monday my goats ate ten Root Beer floats.
Now when they poop,
It looks like bean soup.

On Tuesday my goats ate all of my coats.
Now when they’re old,
They’ll never be cold.

On Wednesday my goats ate all of my boats.
Now when they pee,
It smells like the sea.

On Thursday my goats ate my anecdotes.
Now they tell stories,
And deep allegories.

On Friday my goats ate all of my votes.
Now one of their goals,
Is to go to the polls.

On Saturday my goats ate all of my quotes.
Now they both speak,
With lots of mystique.

On Sunday my goats ate all my remotes.
Now when they fart,
My TV shows start.

So we took them to the vet…

And at the vets suggestion…

So they don’t get indigestion…

On Monday my goats will only eat Oats…

Because that’s what goats are supposed to eat!



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22 responses to “When Goats Eat Remotes

  1. Nicely written post. Love it. I had goats. But he was not intelligent as yours, i just hope he would have learned something from your goat. 🙂

  2. Haha, an actually-funny fart joke!

  3. Such a good Saturday laugh! Thanks.

  4. jennygoth

    loved the poem what an old goat lol have a lovely xmas xxjen

  5. I’ll be darn.
    You tell a good yarn
    ’bout goats on a farm.

  6. I’ll have to agree with Anne, above; pretty good ‘fart’ joke there 😀

  7. Margie

    Very well done! For some reason I thought you might say something about Goats Do Roam Wine (which is word play on the Côtes du Rhône wine region.) What with everything else your goats do, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think they could do something handy, like stomp grapes…

  8. Our dog has eaten a lot of things, including Hope’s glasses, but he has never touched the remote (luckily for him!)…fun post, Steve!


  9. 😆 That is really, really good! Loved it!

    I have no goats, but my kids eat oats.

  10. I’m almost 50 and just cannot grow out of a good fart joke. 🙂 Oh, btw, my aunt has goats. One ate a pair of my uncle’s underwear she dropped off of her clothes line one year and they love whiffle balls. Just so you know. Thanks for the laugh! (Oh, don’t ask me why she’d hang out someone’s drawers….)

  11. Ha — I love it! I can picture reading this to my son when he’s a little older and him just loving it. 🙂 You have a way with words, and quite the talent for rhymes.

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