I need a new slogan!

I’ve decided I need a new slogan.

If you look up at the top of the page you’ll see my header. Now I’m not sure I’m interested in changing the whole header. It’s been around for a few years but I still think it’s pretty good. Instead, if you read the fine print at the bottom, you’ll see it says:

Stories about country living, old houses, dirt roads, raising kids and other amusing and inspirational anecdotes!


Sure, that’s probably what it was about three years or so ago when this whole adventure started. Sometimes it’s still about some of those topics. On the other hand, sometimes that slogan fits about as well as the pair of designer jeans I just had to retire because I couldn’t get the button fastened.

Yeah… can you say… New Years Resolution?!?

Anyhow, as you know I could go out and hire my marketing agency, the creative types that produced this fabulous radio advertisement and these extra-fabulous t-shirt designs.  But frankly they are very expensive.  So I am looking for some advice, guidance and feedback on what this blog is really about.

Plus, I have recently become the proud new owner of the domain name; http://www.brownroadchronicles.com, so I feel like I’m a lot more important and successful than I usually think I am.

Now, a disclaimer: this is NOT A CONTEST. You will not win a pair of fuzzy dice or a bar of goats-milk soap or a Brown Road Chronicles t-shirt. I’m sorry! I don’t have the organizational capacity to run a contest.  Some of you are very good at running contests and giveaways. I’m very good at not running contests.  I’m just looking for some input even if you say “that’s a great slogan, don’t change it!” I may not use any of the ideas, but if you participate you will have my eternal love and gratitude which many of you have already… and what better prize is there?

So, there you have it!

Please keep it clean… this is a family site!


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43 responses to “I need a new slogan!

  1. Cheryl

    I like your slogan. But if I were to make any changes, I’d just put, “Stories about country living, old houses, dirt roads, raising kids and whatever else tickles my funnybone.”

    • I think part of what I don’t like about it is its too wordy, not succinct enough.

      • Cheryl

        Aahh, yes. But you have a very diverse blog… topics are everything from the quiet after Thanksgiving to Christmas decorations, “boobs” to the perils of spanking your monkey. Nothing succinct about that range of topics. LOL! And I, personally, am glad. I wouldn’t change a thing.

        • I wouldn’t change it either and I think its interesting how the different kinds of posts attract different kinds of readers and commenters. Iits tough to nail it down to one sentence! Maybe I should hire my marketing agency……

  2. Well, as you may recall, I was a big fan of your “Goats on Meth” (fake) blog, SO – here goes:

    Brown Road Chronicles: Where Goats meet Meth and I Write About Completely Different Stuff.

    Brown Road Chronicles: Did I Spell That Correctly?

    Brown Road Chronichles: Proof That You Don’t Need No Spelling SKills to Have a Blog

    Brown Road Chronicles: Goats. Meth. Mayhem.

    Brown Road Chronicles: A Family Blog. But If My Kids Read This I’ll Die.

    Oh, there’s more… but I think jazzizing up your byline is always a good idea. I may do the same. HAPPPY NUE YEER STEVE!

  3. A blog about boobs, goats, phone calls and singing

  4. I’m not so good at this, but since there’s no major award on the line:

    A virtual campfire. Marshmallows optional.

  5. Instead of Mice and men…Of Goats and men, welcome to the Goat (like it’s a bar…hey, we frequented the Goat Hill Tavern…that would be a good one?) A B52’s inspired song- Dirty Back roads of Life? Tin Roof rusted?

  6. I know you don’t want to hear this, but I love your slogan already. But I understand your need to want to change things up. I have the same urge. I’d like to just scrap everything and start over fresh with my blog!

  7. I am such a Tennessee hick that I want to say something tacky like “Yee-to-the-hizzaw”. Instead, I’ll vote for Goats. Meth. Mayhem 🙂

  8. Kip Young

    How about “Stories from a goat loving metrosexual trapped in rural America”

  9. Here are a few off the top of my head:

    “Everything between earth and sky”

    “You may want to roll up the windows”

    “Not to be confused with Abbey Road, Telegraph Road, Copperhead Road, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Crossroads, On The Road, Thunder Road, or Jackson Browne’s ‘The Road Out’.”

    “Nothing black or white, just shades of brown.”

    “paved in dirt”

    “the place between the ditches”

    “a place with mailboxes as guardrails”

  10. I’ve got all sorts of grand plans to re-vamp my site. We’ll see what actually transpires.

    I changed my slogan a while back because it was “drier, ornerier, more sardonic than before” and I had to accept that I’m just not that ornery.

    • Yes, I wouldn’t guess you were ornery. Revamping seems to be a common theme though. Interesting how so many of us feel the need to shake things up. Reminds me of when the Gap tried to change their iconic logo a couple years back. DISASTER!

  11. BRC: Where an old way of life meets a new way of thinking.

    Some great ideas offered in the comments. Hope you find a keeper! 🙂

  12. GOF

    I’d like you to keep the original….it’s what attracted me to your writing in the first place……which may well be one reason why you need to change it. 🙂

  13. I’m no good at writing slogans, but it should definitely say you are famous and definitely say something about earning Twinkies for your goats.

  14. Steve, you strike me more as ” a ziggin’ and zaggin’ all a singin’ and writin’ ” down the brown road 😉

    Yours is a fun, versatile blog! I would recommend a general type slogan. I found that if one tries to be too specific in identifying content (unless it is that kind of blog) then after a while one might feel stifled / suffocated / strained? It was for me anyway.

    Have fun with changing your slogan – if you decide to do it.

  15. Richard L Wiseman

    ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…’

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