The Men of WordPress Calendar

Being a male in the blogging world is sometimes like being the lone Rooster in a barn full of Hens! Seems the lady bloggers far outnumber the guy bloggers.  That’s okay, us bro’s know that the ladies are much better with words any day of the week! But I decided we needed to do a little promotion of some of the Men of the WordPress Writing World.

So I contacted the talented folks at Brown Road Marketing, Inc., the promotional arm of my blogging empire (the same folks who designed my Brown Road Chronicles T-shirts and recorded my Brown Road Chronicles Radio Advertisement) for some help in getting the faces of some of the “Roosters” at WordPress out in front of the crowd.

We picked twelve totally awesome dudes, men of too many words, talented writers and artists and musicians and athletes and sports enthusiasts.  But mostly, committed fathers and husbands and some incredibly funny guys.  Some write frequently, some write periodically but these are all guys that I have gotten to know a bit through blogging, guys that follow me and I follow them, mostly guys who make me laugh on a regular basis.

Twelve guys who aren’t afraid to let it all out or keep it all in… in front of thousands of WordPress Followers.

Legal Disclaimer: all images are the property of the totally studly guys pictured here. Hopefully all of these handsome and talented bro’s approve of their selected images and of being swooned over by the lady bloggers. Brown Road Marketing, Inc. may or may not have had to stalk a few Facebook Pages and Twitter feeds to obtain images.

Sorry ladies, no shirtless pics…

So, here I present to you: The 2014 Men of WordPress Calendar. You can click the images to enlarge them and use the links below each page to visit their sites.

ThoughtfulPop-januaryThoughtful Pop

thebyronicman-februaryThe Byronic Man

Jasonpearch-marchThe MindSlam

JarodKarol-AprilLick the Fridge

Claywatkins-MayMaking the Days Count

Goodgreatsby-JuneThe Good Greatsby

beingarindam-JulyBeing Arindam

harrymullans-augustDribbling Pensioner

stevewarner-septemberThe Brown Road Chronicles

blurtblog-octoberBlurt Blog

don-novemberDon of All Trades

stuartsheldon-decemberStuart Sheldon

So, there you go… the 2014 Men of WordPress Calendar.  Of course, this is only a sampling of the talented guys out there. So who’d we miss? Share your votes with the world and maybe they’ll make next years issue!


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105 responses to “The Men of WordPress Calendar

  1. Have you mentioned this….because I have been thinking of this very thing. Way cool!

  2. I was shocked and honored to see my face on your great post idea! Less honored that you managed to work in my fat ass on a bicycle picture, but what can ya do, right? lol. I was perusing my commenter avis just yesterday and totally thought good lord, where are the men folk at?? I have a couple I like but have been looking for more! Thanks for including me with this awesome group!

  3. this was such a cool idea, Steve. I would have to add Charles from Mostly Bright Ideas. I’m trying to think of other male bloggers, but you’re right, they are few and far between.

  4. Great idea and cool calendar. I’m a male blogger myself and I know a good amount more, maybe not as prolific as the heavy hitters in the calendar lol, but we’re out here in this woman dominated space!!

  5. You are so right. Just another thing to be bitter about…

  6. Nice. I bet all the blogging ladies are gonna be breaking down your door to get one.

  7. This is so very cool! You may not know some of my male blogging friends. I think you should print them and sell them with the proceeds going to a charity ……or your kid’s college fund….

  8. I think you covered most of the boys that I follow around the blogosphere. This is a cool idea. Brothers unite, and all that. 😉

  9. Wow. Wow. Wow. Did I say Wow? Talents abound over there on the Brown Road! Another of my favorite guy bloggers you may also want to check out is Allan Smorra @ Ohm Sweet Ohm. Excellent post!!

  10. It was a wonderful idea. I feel honored to see myself among such talented people. Thanks a lot, bro!! I follow Byronic Man and The Good Greatsby regularly and now on your recommendation I got a chance to check out few other great blogs.
    Being a male in the blogging world, I too feel lonely at times. 🙂 I hope this trend would change someday.

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  12. Love it! I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on WP in a while. Oddly enough, I already follow over half of these guys…and it’s got nothing to do with their looks. They’re also very interesting.

  13. You totally need to charge for these!!

  14. Love this. The only one I’m following is Don….need to fix that I guess. It’s nice to hear a man’s perspective on things since the blogging world is so over-saturated with our female thoughts that are endless. 🙂 I ran across this guy yesterday and started following him. Super funny parenting humor:

  15. Steve,
    Great idea and great job! I found you through Don (who is freakin hilarious) and now I guess I have several more new blogs to check out. I wasn’t aware there was such a shortage of men bloggers. I look forward to checking out your work!

  16. That’s hilarious! Love it!

  17. well……DANGGGGG……how bout….HOTTTTTT!!!! I gotta a few of my boyz up on here.. was tryn to keep em to myself.

  18. Thank you, Oh Gods, for providing us with this calendar. Although there is too much clothing involved, it is spectacular. We love our male bloggers, they really mix it up and even out the estrogen on WordPress. 😉

  19. How is this post not Freshly Pressed? 🙂 You have listed an incredible lineup of male bloggers, and I’m so happy you’ve draw attention to this half of our online world. And in such a humorous and creative way. I know many of those bloggers, and look forward to visiting the other calendar-worthy writers!

  20. This was freaking awesome my friend. You amaze me so much on the things you come up with & the words you put together. What a honor to even be mentioned here on the BRC, let alone my ugly mug on it…lol. Great idea & it should be “Freshly Pressed”. If you do print them out, send me one. Congrats to all the other guys….I guess we are a club now? Thanks again Steve for another one of your brilliant works of art.

    • Bro! (seriously, in real life I don’t think I’ve ever used the term Bro, but will use it here) You were one of the first connections I ever made on WordPress! If I’m gonna embarrass myself in a pin-up calendar, you’re coming along with me, no questions asked! 🙂

      • Lol, sounds good to me. Yea, same here on the connection thing. Glad we have stayed in touch & you hung in with me when I was away for a while & decided to come on back in a new direction. If I ever get close to Michigan, we are gonna have to grab some lunch.

  21. Do you really have goats? I’m sold!

  22. Blogger beefcake. Blogcake. Great idea. Thanks to Don of AT for sending me here.

  23. This is amazing. I would like to place an order please. Do you mail to Australia?

  24. Steve – I came close to spewing coffee through my nose on the the first day of school when I saw this.. you made my day. I am honored. You’ve got fun stuff here, especially your songs! Keep those ducks in a row!

  25. And not one shot of a guy sitting in a muscle car with a chick in a bikini lounging on the hood. Impressive.

  26. Great idea. Bringing some well-deserved attention to the boys in this house.

  27. This is so awesome!! Love it!

  28. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  29. My agent is a little upset that I put a Brazilian wax on my expense account and you chose two pictures with clothes on.

    I’d just have appreciated knowing it hurt so bad before I did the wax.

    Thanks for the recognition and a great idea. Best of all, you got it out in time for the holiday giving season.

  30. ksujulie

    Lol. This is awesome. I love men bloggers, especially if they’re a dad. It’s always interesting to read from a male perspective. Thanks for all these I’ll have to check out! 🙂 Not really “check out”…but you know. I’m married. Sorry. ha

  31. Great stuff! You deep-thinking, writing, brainiac guys with a sense of humor rock!

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  33. Love the unofficial copyright notice. May I steal that? 🙂

    • You know what is funny, I was recently going to get rid of it as it’s been there since the very beginning of this site. Figured it had done its time. Then within the last 2 weeks, two people commented on it. So I guess its still a keeper!

  34. …always the bridesmaid….
    Maybe if I wrote a blog once in a while it would have helped my cause.

  35. Cool idea. Checked out all the links. 🙂

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  37. Hubba, hubba! What a great idea. I’m usually just interested in a guy’s T&A (Take home pay and Assets) but am now adding “cleverness” to the list of turn-ons.

    I’ll have to check out the few I don’t now.

  38. Mr. September is Daymn fine. 😉 LOVE this idea. And really… as a farmer you should know the roosters (I almost typed the “other” word for them! Opps!) are always outnumbered. And they crow about it!

  39. How did I miss this until now?? Thanks for thinking of me. I can send you some photos I took of myself in the bathroom mirror if you want. I’ve got thousands.

    • Cool! Selfies with fish lips? Awesome. We can use those for next year’s calendar. I figured with school starting up you have been buried. There was quite the furor when the calendar was released though. Hopefully it at least sent you a few readers. You and Thoughtful Pop were leading the way on clicks at least the first day!!

  40. Haha, interesting! There are indeed less men bloggers!

  41. What a great post and calendar! Shirts or not, these guys undoubtedly rock. I’m so glad a reader sent me here today. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your work. Cheers!

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  43. (Ahem!)–And the views from…
    The rear?
    Next year?

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