Someone just subscribed to your blog…

Part of the Phone Calls to Julie Series.

Ring, ring…

WP: Hello, WordPress technical support, this is Julie, how can I help you today?

ME: Hi Julie, thank you for taking my call, I’m terribly concerned, Someone just subscribed to my blog.

WP: Ummm, okay…. uhh… congratulations?

ME: Oh… that’s what the e-mail said too, congratulations.

WP: What e-mail would that be?

ME: Well, the one that said that Someone just subscribed to my blog. It addressed me with the word “Howdy”. Do you think Someone thinks I am a cowboy? I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “Howdy” before.

WP: Is this the guy from Brown Road Chronicles?

ME: Yes, yes, you remember me? I’ve called you about my BOOBS. You have been very helpful the last couple of times I have called. Have you read my blog yet?

WP: No sir, I still have not read your blog.

ME: Oh, that’s too bad, it’s really great!

WP: Sir, I am sure your blog is great, but really, is there something important I can help you with? I am very busy today? We are getting a lot of angry callers because we changed the subscription function on all of our member’s blogs without telling anybody. Now everybody is mad and the phones are ringing off the hook.

ME: Oh yes, I did notice that as well. I think that’s okay, I don’t know what everybody is all worked up about.


ME: Oh yes, I’m very sorry, I’m terribly concerned, Someone subscribed to my blog today?

WP: Yes, you mentioned that… uh…and why is that a problem? Most bloggers are happy when Someone subscribes to their blogs.

ME: Oh my, does Someone subscribe to a lot of blogs? Do you know who Someone is?

WP: What does that mean “do I know who Someone is?”

ME: Well, it sounded like you maybe know who they were.

WP: Knew who who is?

ME: Someone.

WP: SIR… I am going to hang up if you don’t tell me how I can help you today.

ME: Oh, I am terribly sorry, please don’t hang up. You see, I got an e-mail today that said “Howdy, Someone just subscribed to your blog, Brown Road Chronicles.”

WP: Uhhh… okay… and what is wrong with that?

ME: Well, it didn’t tell me who Someone is… you know, and tell me what their blog site is. It just said Someone subscribed to my blog today and it had an e-mail address and where they were from. I thought that was kind of creepy. And it said “Howdy”. Do you think Someone thinks I am a cowboy?

WP: Sir, it’s just an automated e-mail when a reader subscribes to a blog. I don’t know why it says Howdy, but no one here thinks you’re a cowboy… and it said Someone because it was a subscriber that doesn’t have a WordPress account. So we don’t know who they are.

ME: Oh my… you don’t know who they are? Does that mean they don’t have an About page that will tell me if they are a stalker or not?

WP: No, there is no About page, but don’t worry, it’s probably just someone that read something you wrote and found it interesting.

ME: Oh yes, yes… the stuff I write is very interesting. It’s very funny too. Have you read my blog?


ME: Oh you’re right, I’m sorry, you did say that. I just got excited when you told me my posts were interesting.

WP: I didn’t say your posts were interesting, I said that maybe this person who subscribed to your blog perhaps thought your posts were interesting.

ME: You mean Someone?

WP: Sir, please stop it with the Someone! Yes, I was referring to this person who subscribed to your blog.

ME: So you don’t think there is anything I need to worry about?

WP: No, I don’t think there is anything to worry about. But remember Sir, blogs are very public spaces. Anybody can subscribe to your blog.

ME: Oh my… who’s Anybody?



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41 responses to “Someone just subscribed to your blog…

  1. very funny. had me laughing with the “cowboy” part

  2. So that’s what happened with the subscribe button! I was extremely worried myself. I kept noticing someone writing in my blog over and over. Turned out it was one of my blog partners. Don’t freak out, I’m gonna link your blog. Seriously, love your work. Promise not to steal it.

  3. bigsheepcommunications

    Personally, I’m not reassured. How do we know Someone is not a stalker unless we stalk their blog and check them out?

  4. Rare laugh out loud funny. Thanks. Still giggling when I think of it.

  5. Can you forward me that phone number? 😉

  6. sportsattitudes

    Flat out hilarious! The “unofficial copyright notice” is a close second!

  7. And they couldn’t even tell you who anybody was? What if it was nobody? I bet they could have told you who nobody was. Julie don’t seem very with it. You should probably stop calling her- unless she starts reading your posts of course. Yes, call Julie back and issue an ultimatum. Tell them you’re not calling her back again until she starts reading your posts.

  8. Thanks for the giggles this morning but what if “noone” subscribed to your blog? 😀

  9. I loved it, i had a laugh over it and i don’t know how you think these up.

  10. I love these posts. BTW, they changed that subscribe button back after all the complaints. It did kind of suck. Thought they’d be cool and go all Twitter. 🙂 Hilarious, as always.

  11. 😀 Thanks for the laugh, Steve!
    Poor Julie, though. I wonder what she tells her colleagues about you? 😉

  12. Great series! I used to be Julie – or at least a help-desk person.

  13. Well done. It is important to give these people something to rant about as they drink heavily after work. Don’t be discouraged…You made her day. Does this mean I should NOT subscribe to your blog?

  14. Hi STS… thanks for visiting. No, you definitely SHOULD subscribe! And I will check yours out as well.

  15. Got one nearly the same to-day, ” me just subscribed to my blog “. So me is doing the rounds now 🙂

  16. Val

    I sussed the ‘somebody’ as being the email subscribers, and the actual ‘we have a name but it’s our username’ as being wordpress subscribers, and d’you know I’ve been blogging here nearly two years and only just figured that out. And I didn’t even call Julie. Go figure! (Or don’t. Or do. Or whatever.)

    They got rid of the follow button which is very sad for any buttons that wanted to follow it, but great for the emails that didn’t. And me. Huh? 😉

  17. They just changed a lot of other things that have me confused and upset…erghhh, those WordPress Gods! WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?

  18. When I look at other blogging sites (I’m sure we WordPressers have encountered a certain one in particular that’s ridiculously hard to navigate) I realize that I like my little home here. Just wish they’d ask us about some things first before they go screwing up our subscriptions! (Not all of mine have come back yet, though they’re still listed.)

    I like your tribute to Abbott and Costello! I’ll have to check out some more of your Phone Calls to Julie series. I’m in a laughing mood. 🙂

  19. You rock! And now you have 102 stalkers on Twitter. I mean, followers! 😉

  20. I just subscribed – in case they don’t tell you who it was, it’s me 🙂

  21. Tattoos, love and lunacy...

    Ha…I loved your original BOOBS post, and this was a nice reminder of that 🙂

  22. I feel sorry for that poor WP girl! 😆 I wonder if she actually has had a peek at your blog…………. just on the sly, you know?

  23. Hahaha… and to this one too! I didn’t even know it existed!

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