School Daze

It’s back to school time for kids all over the country. Fancy new school clothes are being purchased and worn, lunch boxes are being filled, pencils are being sharpened, weapon and drug sniffing dogs are being hired. I know that many of you have probably already sent your kids back to school, but mine don’t start until this coming Tuesday, September 6th. Here in Michigan there is this great law that says all public schools must start after Labor Day, so that the tourism industry can have one last money-making weekend.

These are such important and exciting times when we send our kids off to school to become educated and productive members of our society. I know many parents, this time of year, are quite enthusiastic about the valuable learning opportunities and academic virtues that the schools will bestow on their kids… and that their kids will finally be out of their hair again. Some parents have even been known to celebrate these scholastically important milestone days by dancing around saying things like;


Not me, however. I find it reprehensible that there are parents out there that dislike their children so much that they want to throw a party just because it’s time for their kids to go back to school. I like when my kids are home during the summer. We don’t have to do nearly as much laundry because they can wear the same clothes over and over again. Plus, I get to see them more and I don’t have to drive them to school every day.

Truth be told, I hate these last few days of my kid’s summer vacation. I feel a deep down, intense sorrow for them as summer vacation ends and the reality of going back to school hits. I vividly remember those days as a kid, and how horrible it was. Summers were only two or three months, but they felt like they lasted years. Then suddenly, like a stake through the heart, it was over. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, let alone my own flesh and blood, who I am proud to say, have spent the summer months productively lying around like slugs, playing video games and destroying the house.

So in honor of my kid’s endless summer… well, unfortunately… ending, here is a great post I wrote a while back about children not wanting to go to school. It’s funny, I promise.

A Troubling Situation

On a serious note… if you are a teacher, teacher aide, school administrator… whatever… if you are working with kids, you deserve a round of applause, a pat on the back and a big, sloppy kiss for doing what I believe is some of the most important work out there, educating our kids. Seriously, I believe that! Sorry, I can’t do anything about your salary.

Happy school daze!!


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10 responses to “School Daze

  1. I’ve had FAR too many male coworkers in my lifetime make similarly loud and I find upsetting proclamations about “Yeah, baby! It’s a no-kid weekend! We are par-tay-ing!” And I have *said* to a few over the years. “You get them on Wednesdays and every other weekend. You can’t enjoy them before they go to prison or work in a strip club? That’s shit’s on YOU. Just wait.”

    I totally get wanting to be able to do what you want to do. I get the desire to not have 3 kids ripping each other’s hair out. Most of that is how you’ve set up YOUR HOUSE, btw. Some of it is personality (the kids’) but I simply don’t get that attitude. (I was a secondary school teacher–who gave up due to *parents* not caring–if you can’t be there for your kids, I’ve very little chance of helping them; the administration not caring, I got but their own parents?)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you I think it’s wrong to have a party cause your kids are going to school. I don’t have any kids but I babysat enough of them and it’s sad when they go back to school and I no longer am needed to watch them during the day because I become attached to them.

  3. Oooh, I think I’m going to get yelled at, but…


    I love, love, love my 5 kids, but OMG by the end of summer they’re sick to death of each other and all they do is fight and whine about being bored. They need the time apart. Not to mention, they have to go to school to LEARN. The fact that I’m happy they’re in school does not mean I relinquish all responsibility. We have homework to go over, teacher conferences to attend, PTA, band, and the list goes on. I can be happy they’re gone during the day and still love them and do my parental duties. School is a fact of life, like a job, and they need to learn it sometime.

    Wow, I never thought I’d get all serious on your blog. Sorry, I won’t make a habit of it.

    • Yeah, stop being so serious, sheesh! 🙂
      Seriously though I understand where people are coming from especially if you are home with the kids all day, every day. I am not but during the summer my work schedule is much easier so I can hang with them more often which I enjoy. Perhaps I am mourning the end of summer in general, the late nights, the fire pits, etc. Now I’m getting all serious!!

  4. Everything good that happened during summer vacation seemed to happen in the last week of it: I don’t know why I always felt that way.
    I don’t know how my parents thought about it though: I’m sure it just meant the resumption of making school lunches for everyone, making a trip to the local stationery shop for supplies, and less kids saying “What should I do today?” for my mother.
    I’m sure my father never registered the day: he was always gone before I woke up and came home after I’d been home from school for a while.

    note: I do thank myself lucky to have shared a few weeks with my father during summer vacations on trips to cabins by lakes, to visits to Vancouver (the big city), and far flung places like Disneyland … San Diego … and San Francisco.

  5. Three months? The little blighters get THREE MONTHS?? I’d never survive. The longest break ours get are the summer six or seven weeks over Christmas. They break up just before Christmas and start the new school year at the start of February.

    We have four terms, with the other breaks being two weeks unless it is a private school, in which case they manage to crib a three week holiday somewhere along the line.

    I thoroughly endorse your sentiments about the teachers: they do a grand job.

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