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Don’t be that squirrel…

To my loyal long-term subscribers, don’t be concerned, you will not be subjected again, to the squirrel in this post.

In my last entry I discussed possibly closing down Brown Road Chronicles. I also mentioned that I’d decided to keep this blog going and I am here to send some appreciation out to all the people who offered comments and encouragement. Thanks… seriously!

“So… what’s your point?”

Today I was driving home down a major four lane road in a nearby town.  I was in the right lane, a small white car was in the left lane just ahead of me. On the other side, no cars were headed in our direction. About 100 yards ahead of me I saw a squirrel start running across the road.  Now, this clearly wasn’t just any squirrel… this was a squirrel of epic and noble stature, powerful and athletic. This squirrel was running…. FAST… like Usain Bolt breaking world records in the 100 meters at the recent summer Olympics. I could tell, even from a distance, that this squirrel possessed a nimbleness and agility not often seen in the small animal world. I could almost hear the synapses firing as his muscular rear legs propelled him, with hydraulic force, in leaps and bounds across the pavement.

Why was this squirrel crossing the road? Who knows! That’s one of those profound, life altering questions that will perhaps never be answered in our lifetimes.  We’ve pretty much figured out why Chickens cross the road, I mean that’s been hashed out over centuries in riddle after riddle.  But why do squirrels cross the road?  Yeah, I know… seriously… mind blowing….

Perhaps he saw a good-looking girl squirrel on the other side, or a large oak tree dripping with acorns. Maybe he was late for an important appointment. I don’t know… regardless, when you see a squirrel running across the road they are clearly on a mission, they have a goal in sight, they are focused… like a laser… no even more than that… they’re focused… like a pair of binoculars on a boat full of bikini-clad beauties… uhhh, not that I would do that.

Anyhow, so this mythological squirrel goes running across the road, across four lanes, and gets to literally about two feet from the edge of the opposite side.  He had made it across four lanes! He could taste it, two more leaps and he would have been safely in the grass and off to claim whatever dangling carrot had driven him across on this journey in the first place.


With just two feet to spare, and still no cars within harm’s way, he slammed on his brakes.  I could hear the pads of his feet, squealing like an Indy Car, as he turned around, righted the ship… and just as powerfully and athletically ran back to his starting position and off into the woods. It was a dramatic change of events, an epic reversal of fortune.  Perhaps he was just attempting to play a little chicken (no pun intended) with any cars that might be in the road, but more likely, he had been plagued with that brief moment of doubt that we have all experienced in life. He had lost his confidence, panicked and had a sudden bout of uncertainty. He didn’t believe in himself and he gave up.

“So… what’s your point?”

Well, don’t be that squirrel.

I’ve decided not to be that squirrel either. I don’t really know why I write this blog, what my goals are, what the purpose is, what the end result will be. What I do know… if you’ve got some nuts you are chasing and you are so close that you can taste them… well, whether they hang from the tree that is your job, or your writing career, or your relationships or wherever… those are your goals and your dreams and they’re important.  They are oh, so important.  So dig down deep in your gut and find the will to go that extra couple of feet and cross your particular road.

Because when you get there… those will be some of the tastiest proverbial nuts you’ve ever eaten!


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Guilty or Not Guilty?

This post is part of the Write On Project.  Topic:  GUILT

I was asked by Jared Karol and the folks at the Write On Project to write a piece on their latest topic: GUILT. I tried hard to think of things that I have felt guilty about in my life, and thankfully, as I have led a relatively honest and trustworthy lifestyle, I was not able to come up with anything terribly significant (yeah… really… seriously… ). Lately, however, on a personal level, I have felt guilty about not following some of the creative pursuits that I was deeply passionate about as a younger person. I felt that I wasn’t practicing what I am constantly preaching to my kids… it’s part of the reason I started writing this blog.  So I took on the challenge, sat down to write, and at first I had these grand delusions that I would write something all… you know… profound and serious-like.  But hey, y’all know by now… that’s not me… so this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy the story!


BAILIFF: Welcome to the Court of Dreams, Honorable Judge I. Emma Dreamer presiding. Today’s case is the State of Unhappiness vs. Mr. B. R. Chronicles.

Counsel for the Prosecution is the Attorney General for the State of Unhappiness, Mr. Stu Latetachange

Counsel for the Defendant from the law firm Allweez, Fallow, Yerpassion & Ambishon will be Attorney Mr. Chase Yerpassion

JUDGE: Welcome all to my Court of Dreams. Mr. Chronicles you are being accused today of abandoning your dreams, how do you plead?

ME:  Well, NOT GUILTY, of course, Your Honor

JUDGE:  Members of the jury, please note that the defendant has pleaded NOT GUILTY to the charges.  Mr. Latetachange, you may begin by presenting your opening statements.

LATETACHANGE:  Thank you, Your Honor.  Hello members of the jury, let me thank you today for your services to our fine community.  Today we have a very serious charge against the defendant, Mr. Chronicles. It is my belief that the defendant is GUILTY… in fact SERIOUSLY GUILTY of abandoning his dreams and not pursuing the creative outlets that so inspired him as a young man.  I will provide significant and compelling evidence today to prove that to you and I am convinced that when this trial comes to a conclusion you will agree with me and render a GUILTY verdict.  Thank you.

JUDGE:  Thank you Mr. Latetachange.  Mr. Yerpassion would you like to present a counter statement.

YERPASSION:  Yes, Your Honor… thank you maam.  Hello, my friends in the jury.  Let me also thank you for your time today and for performing your civic duty.  You have heard what my colleague, Mr. Latetachange has presented about the defendant, Mr. Chronicles.  I am here to convince you otherwise, that Mr. Chronicles is NOT GUILTY of these charges rendered against him today.  That although he has possibly let some dreams sneak by without pursuing them to the fullest, he has actively followed his passions throughout his life and especially, in the last several years, has made a concerted effort to bring those passions back into his everyday pursuits.  At the conclusion of this trial today, when you have heard and digested all of the evidence, I will ask that you find Mr. Chronicles NOT GUILTY of the charges against him today.  Thank you.

JUDGE:  Thank you both for your opening statements.  Mr. Latetachange, would you like to call your first witness……..

Intrigued?  Read more of this post here at the Write On Project…


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“I Don’t Want to Go to School!”

“I don’t want to go to school tomorrow” my daughter said yesterday evening. Not so unusual words from a 13 year old kid. In fact not so unusual words from any kid on a Sunday night when “the blues” kick in. The Sunday night blues, that kind of sickish, crappy, depressed feeling you get when you know you have to start a new week, especially after a fun weekend. She spent Saturday with a close friend at a local women’s college basketball game. That same friend spent the night at our place and we took them with my son and I to a sledding event we hold every year with the cub scouts. Yes, no doubt a fun weekend and one that makes a Monday morning school day look, by far, less than appealing.

I also used to get the Sunday night blues occasionally as a kid… and lately I’ve been getting them again all too frequently. I keep wondering “don’t us responsible adults eventually grow out of that?”  I know it’s a function of not being terribly satisfied with work right now and realizing too that I have let pass some of the creative pursuits (music, art, writing, etc.) that showed their directional signs to me on the roads that I have traveled to get me to where I am now.  I was a cellist all through grade school.  I gave it up when I went away to college because I couldn’t find the drive to take it to the next level.  I used to sketch often but have not drawn anything in over two decades.  Of course, I love to write, which is what got me here to this blogging site.  The list goes on and on…

I’ve tried not to lose complete site of that part of me, but the day to day often gets in the way and free time is at a premium.  I envy the people that have been able to build that creativity into their working life… you know that part of your life that fills up MOST of your days!  Not that I necessarily could have made a lucrative career out of any of these activities, they call them “starving artists” for a reason!  But in hindsight, who knows?  There are so many decisions that we all make each and every day that alter the path that we will follow the next day.  More and more I find myself CRAVING the “creative life” and finding it harder and harder to compartmentalize the time spent each day working vs. “creating” vs. spending some quality time with my family, my anchors as they say. I guess I want it ALL, lumped conveniently into one nice package.

Lately I’ve tried to instill this thought process into my kid’s heads.  For sure, we have some time before we send them off to college and they begin planning out the rest of their lives!  But I want it be be crystal clear to them that the world really is their canvas, that they should never settle on the easy path and certainly never give up on their dreams!  Yeah, probably a little heavy for a couple of kids that aren’t thinking about much other than school and sports and video games… and in my daughter’s case… maybe boys (uugh!).  But I guess I feel, in their case, it’s never too EARLY to start… and maybe, just maybe, in my case, with the support of my wonderful family behind me… it’s never too LATE to start over!


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