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Guilty or Not Guilty?

This post is part of the Write On Project.  Topic:  GUILT

I was asked by Jared Karol and the folks at the Write On Project to write a piece on their latest topic: GUILT. I tried hard to think of things that I have felt guilty about in my life, and thankfully, as I have led a relatively honest and trustworthy lifestyle, I was not able to come up with anything terribly significant (yeah… really… seriously… ). Lately, however, on a personal level, I have felt guilty about not following some of the creative pursuits that I was deeply passionate about as a younger person. I felt that I wasn’t practicing what I am constantly preaching to my kids… it’s part of the reason I started writing this blog.  So I took on the challenge, sat down to write, and at first I had these grand delusions that I would write something all… you know… profound and serious-like.  But hey, y’all know by now… that’s not me… so this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy the story!


BAILIFF: Welcome to the Court of Dreams, Honorable Judge I. Emma Dreamer presiding. Today’s case is the State of Unhappiness vs. Mr. B. R. Chronicles.

Counsel for the Prosecution is the Attorney General for the State of Unhappiness, Mr. Stu Latetachange

Counsel for the Defendant from the law firm Allweez, Fallow, Yerpassion & Ambishon will be Attorney Mr. Chase Yerpassion

JUDGE: Welcome all to my Court of Dreams. Mr. Chronicles you are being accused today of abandoning your dreams, how do you plead?

ME:  Well, NOT GUILTY, of course, Your Honor

JUDGE:  Members of the jury, please note that the defendant has pleaded NOT GUILTY to the charges.  Mr. Latetachange, you may begin by presenting your opening statements.

LATETACHANGE:  Thank you, Your Honor.  Hello members of the jury, let me thank you today for your services to our fine community.  Today we have a very serious charge against the defendant, Mr. Chronicles. It is my belief that the defendant is GUILTY… in fact SERIOUSLY GUILTY of abandoning his dreams and not pursuing the creative outlets that so inspired him as a young man.  I will provide significant and compelling evidence today to prove that to you and I am convinced that when this trial comes to a conclusion you will agree with me and render a GUILTY verdict.  Thank you.

JUDGE:  Thank you Mr. Latetachange.  Mr. Yerpassion would you like to present a counter statement.

YERPASSION:  Yes, Your Honor… thank you maam.  Hello, my friends in the jury.  Let me also thank you for your time today and for performing your civic duty.  You have heard what my colleague, Mr. Latetachange has presented about the defendant, Mr. Chronicles.  I am here to convince you otherwise, that Mr. Chronicles is NOT GUILTY of these charges rendered against him today.  That although he has possibly let some dreams sneak by without pursuing them to the fullest, he has actively followed his passions throughout his life and especially, in the last several years, has made a concerted effort to bring those passions back into his everyday pursuits.  At the conclusion of this trial today, when you have heard and digested all of the evidence, I will ask that you find Mr. Chronicles NOT GUILTY of the charges against him today.  Thank you.

JUDGE:  Thank you both for your opening statements.  Mr. Latetachange, would you like to call your first witness……..

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