Meet Holly and Ella

The latest addition to the Brown Road family!

These are pygmy goats that we adopted from some 4-H’ers that weren’t able to keep them.  They’re the cutest damn things!

Holly is all black, Ella is the one with the white hat.

Guess I’m gonna have to design some new t-shirts….


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28 responses to “Meet Holly and Ella

  1. So adorable! I discovered by accident that lady goats like me, because I sport a “goatee”. Or maybe the ones I met were just friendly – no, they didn’t trot up to everyone. Anyway, I love goats. They seem almost as smart as dogs, though they appear to be more at ease hanging out in pairs and groups. Good photos!

    • We’re you carrying food? They seem to like anyone who is carrying food! They are very smart, I would never have thought so until owning some. And yes they like to be in groups, but they are also very people-oriented. These pygmy’s will follow us all over the property if we are outside doing something, then they freak out if you go inside.

  2. Awwww…I want a goat…and a cow. I really want a cow. Named Daisy. I don’t think the neighbours would be as enthusiastic about her as I am…

  3. Do you have an ass? Seems like you should have an ass.

  4. A couple weeks ago my kid explained to me that Columbus discovered America, avoided the pirates, and brought back a goat, a pig, and a chicken… I immediately thought of you.

    And right after that, I thought about how we really need to get our kid into a better school district…

  5. Awesome! My Dad has a couple of these. They’re a lot of fun.

  6. My husband would love to get a goat. But I have bad memories of goats. I used to ride at a farm and the goats would climb all over everything including people’s cars. And they were so annoying – they would pull on our shirts and pants and never leave us alone.
    Are they really so bad to have? I guess I just feel like they would be a lot of work, or rather, that you’d just have to watch them a lot because they are so conniving. Are they so conniving? Are my memories wildly exaggerated? Or did I just run into some uncivilized goats?

    • Hi Anne, I’ll be honest, we have been very lucky. Ours are very well behaved. Sure they’ll occasionally get into something they shouldn’t or try and head-butt us or fight with each other. It’s pretty tough to eat a meal outside in the summer if they are out of their fenced area, which we’ll often let them do. But for the most part, few issues. And they are incredibly affectionate. I have certainly heard stories similar to yours about goats climbing on cars, they do like to climb, that’s why they like that old oil tank in the photos. But we have not had them on our cars. They will try to get INTO our cars if we have the doors open. So, I think you probably ran into some uncivilized goats, although you do have to go into this with a tad bit of patience.

  7. So adorable! We had a pygmy goat following us around at the pumpkin patch yesterday. He acted like a puppy! My kids loved him and the owner made sure they knew it was for sale. So not helpful to me. LOL

  8. GOF

    Very cute, and I note that as a good neighbour you have very substantial fencing. My neighbour did not have good fencing for his and we once found a goat up on the bonnet of our car chewing windscreen wiper rubberware.

  9. Hey, I lost track of you for a while. Nice to find you again. Do you still have those cocaine eating goats?

  10. Cheryl

    Oh my gosh, they’re adorable! But sometimes those adorable looking ones are the ones you gotta watch. LOL! My father-in-law had goats once. He lived right on the edge of town. The goats found a way to get over the fence. The neighbour found the goats in her flower beds, eating her daffodils. It wasn’t pretty. LOL!

  11. Margie

    Is the same goat always ‘king of the hill’ or do they take turns?

    • Naughty is typically the king of the hill and likes to sit on the oil tank because when the sun is shining the metal gets nice and warm. He’s still sort of the Alpha of the pack. I guess on this day he was willing to give up his seat.

  12. Richard Wiseman

    It’s all very well keeping goats until one day they go wandering ‘trip trap trip trap’ over a rickety bridge to get to greener grass on the other side. Just keep them away from bridges or buy them some Nikes and everything will work out fine.

  13. My jealousy is at an all-time high! I WANT THEM! I WANT TO EAT THEIR FEET! I LOVE THEM!! They are precious. Tell them that this twinkie comes from Auntie Jodi and that she loves them. 🙂

  14. OMG. They are just so freakin adorable. And hilarious. And I am so, so jealous. For reals. I keep asking my husband for them, but seeing as they’re not allowed in the city I’m out of luck.

    • The black ones are pygmy’s of some sort (and are so damn cute!) But my best buddy is the big white one (no horns). He’s like the alpha of the group, but when I’m around he thinks I’m like his best friend! My wife jokes that he’s like my bachelor friend! LOL. Things get weird when you live out in the sticks, I guess!! We have a horse too, but he is boarded at a local farm right now. Thinking of bring him home too!

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