Blogging Awards

Fuck, I can’t ignore this situation any longer…

So, apparently people are fond of showing love and respect for the Brown Road Chronicles because I keep getting nominated for these blogging awards that are continually forwarded around our little community here.  I’m starting to think there is only a tiny number of bloggers passing around these same awards, like some kind of sexual disease, because I keep catching them… I mean getting them…. uh, I mean receiving them… uhhh…

Anyhow, on previous nominations, I have passed these off as a silly gimmick and haven’t written the required reply posts accepting the awards and telling everybody how I like to wear purple knickers or whatever other secrets people want to know about me.  See, I have never been very good at receiving awards and praise. I’m kind of a humble guy and even though it’s true, I don’t like to walk around telling people how fucking handsome and awesome I am. Seriously, I just don’t think that’s right. But I have now been nominated for the following awards including four within the last several days:  The Stylish Blogger Award; The Meme-Tastic Blogger Award; The Versatile Blogger Award (five times in two different formats); and the Award with the little gold guy holding the trophy, which apparently doesn’t have a name.  So that’s like eight awards, which is a lot of fucking praise!

With that in mind, I thought I better start taking this shit seriously or risk becoming some kind of a blogging outcast, who no one likes and who has to go live on a deserted island somewhere, where there’s no internet connection… and although sometimes that kinda sounds pretty good… well… who really needs that? So, if I remember correctly, here are the bloggers that have reaped these praises on me. These are all great blogs that I like to read, so please take some time and check them out. Hopefully I haven’t missed anybody.

Edmonton Tourist
Clouded Marbles
Big Sheep Blog
Spectrum Woman
The Throw Down
Dribbling Pensioner

Now, those of you who have been blogging for a while know that it quickly becomes pretty difficult to find good bloggers who haven’t already received numerous nominations for these fine awards. So rather than just continually spreading these awards around to the same writers, I dug deep down and came up with five great, but little known, blogs that I spend a lot of time reading. All of these have managed to stay somewhat anonymous, but they are clearly deserving of some blogging praise, so I thought I should share them with you.  Don’t forget to click on the links and check these out! Here goes…

Daily Beauty Tips for Metrosexual Farmers:

This is a great read, written by farmers for farmers.  Now I’m not a farmer, but sometimes I play one on my own blog… and I can definitely be a little metrosexual, so I find a lot of great information on this site.  Stuff like where to find tight-fitting, low-rise skinny overalls and fitted John Deere tees, how much gel to put in your hair so that a straw hat won’t give you hat head and how to clean horse shit off your Sperry’s.

Goats on Meth:

This is a great blog written by two meth-addicted goats that live somewhere in Michigan and write about how they party on Twinkies and Meth and cans of Coke while their owners are off at work.  It’s a fucking awesome read, like reality TV for goats. Seriously funny shit! I read it mostly so I can be sure my own goats don’t go down that same path.  I’ve already noticed they’ve been eating a lot of Twinkies…

Big Beautiful Breasts and Bushhogs:

This is a porno site… uhhh… I mean a farm equipment site I read… you know… to keep up on… you know… farm equipment… you know… just in case… you know… I might ever need to buy something… you know… like farm equipment.

Wine Drinking for Hillbillies:

If you like to drink wine in obscene and excessive amounts, this is the site to read.  Whether it be wine from a jug, wine from a box, or wine you can make in ten gallon drums in your basement with some Welch’s Grape Juice and a package of bread yeast… well it’s all there. Plus, tips on how to survive tripping over a chair and falling into the fire pit, how to pretend you remember the conversation you had with your wife the night before, and what kinds of glassware you can use to trick your friends into thinking they’re drinking something other than wine you made in your basement.

Sports for Dorks:

This is an important blog that I like to read so that when I’m hanging out with my male friends and they’re talking sports, I can sound like I actually know what the fuck I am talking about, even though I really don’t.  It includes great advice, like how to pronounce names like Ndamukong Suh and Nnamdi Asomugha and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, how to draft a decent Fantasy Football team when you only know like six players, how to discretely empty bottles of Budweiser and refill them with Chardonnay so friends think you’re actually drinking Budweiser, and subtle ways to change the subject of the conversation from sports to the latest issue of GQ Magazine.

So, there you go, five great reads for you to click away on.  Now, I’m also supposed to tell y’all some stuff about myself… but screw that… that’s what my blog is all about anyhow.  Just keep reading and you’ll find out enough.  If you really want to know about me, read the interview.

And now, in all seriousness, if you want to read some great blogs, check out my blogroll. It should be just to the right on your screen about now. Those are all blogs that I follow and read and comment on regularly.  I’m not going to pass them any awards, because they already know how fucking awesome they are!



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52 responses to “Blogging Awards

  1. I loved the start so i’ll be back after supper to take it all in 😆

  2. Hey Cowboy: Like you, I initially ignored the bright, shiny and ever so invisible awards. But then I realized it is actually about cross-pollination. Really, you are introducing people to the folks who inspire you!

    It is less about showering you with love than about showing some love to other bloggers.

    Can’t wait to read about some of those new blogs. I don’t think I have ever heard of any of them. Ever. Good job. Cowboy. 😉

  3. The little gold gay is The Rebekah Loper Award

  4. bigsheepcommunications

    Um, Steve, I don’t mean to be critical, but I don’t think “fuck” is an appropriate response when one has an award bestowed upon him. Then again, they do bleep out an awful lot of stuff at the emmys, oscars and grammys, so maybe you’re on to something here…

  5. rickythewiz

    …and the ‘Bloggylicious’ award for the most number of potato chips eaten during the reading of Blogs.
    … and the ‘Is this blog meant to be ironic?’ award.
    … and the award for the most award winning blog voted by the most awarded blogs from a poll of award winning bloggers, who have decided they had enough awards and thought they’d award someone some of their awards to make room on their blogs for new awards.
    Oh and the Richard Wiseman says he likes to read your blog because it’s like a good magazine article award i.e. I like to read what you have to say, but I can see your point, (and I don’t mean your zipper is undone).

  6. Steve a great post which is in line with your phone call posts. 5 awards bloody hell, you will have to make an award page and then you will stop getting them as they can be seen.
    There is a sixth one you know 😆

  7. Nice. Wish I had thought of it. Of course I could never begin a post with “that” word. My preacher father-in-law reads my blog, you know. Hope he doesn’t click on your link in my blog. Great, now you’re going to get me in trouble. 😉

  8. Margie

    If I am ever nominated for any of those awards, I’ll know not to nominate you – you’ve already got them all! I agree with dribblingpensioner – you should make an awards page. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
    Congrats on them all, by the way…

  9. Excellent blog and those awards are well-deserved. Keep on keepin’ on!

  10. Such humility! No wonder so many people are heaping sh–, I mean praise on you! 😉

  11. I did it. I clicked on Goats On Meth. Bummer, man! I was kinda psyched about that one!

  12. You are well on the path of true wisdom. No award having merit would ever seriously require authors to perform chain-letter tasks. Besides, competitions over art are silly. I do appreciate everyone I read regularly, as some commenting here already know. The award/reward is the relationship between writer and readers. I myself have not been nominated as “versatile” (can’t decide on a topic to stick to), merely “stylish” (insubstantial, but with flair). In any case, I have what I want. I’m enjoying writing, publishing and reading for free and for fun – in my spare time.

    • Good comment Mikey. I love the statement “The award/reward is the relationship between writer and readers.” That is very true. I really meant my final statement about my blogroll. Those 20-25 sites on there I consider friends even though I’ve never met any of those people. But we all now communicate regularly through these blogs. Its a fascinating dynamic. The problem of course is it keeps getting bigger and harder to manage.

  13. Hey. Many congrats. It’s nice to get some recognition. Well done.

  14. Awesome acceptance speech! Oh, and if you want a similar take on sports I wrote about football today – you might find it enlightening given you openly admit you know SFA about sport! 😆

    Well done on the awards!

    • Hi Robyn, I will read your post about football (do you mean soccer? 🙂 ) today sometime. I can’t answer your question above so I will down here. I don’t have any problem with people having an awards page, its just not my thing – you don’t need to go cry – you have an amazing site, with an amazing story that certainly deserves awards and recognition! Where a lot of people, like myself write “fluff posts” you have a significant story to tell and that is honorable! I just feel like people will think I am bragging and although this post “is bragging” it is absolutely in jest and a commentary about the proliferation of these kinds of awards. I don’t know, perhaps Renee is correct in her comment above that these awards are a good way to cross-pollinate as she says so eloquently. It’s similar to everyone not wanting their numbers of subscribers plastered on their page when WP made those changes. To me, the ultimate “award” is a comment on a post, a subscription to my blog, or a link in someones blogroll, if they have one on their site.

      • I’m not really going to cry! I’m of two minds about the awards myself. To respond to them breaks the niche of my web site, but on the other hand I do think it is a good opportunity to cross-pollinate and I did like the one that required writers to look back and select articles in specific categories – it was interesting to read other’s earlier articles.

        When I started on WP, people were putting there awards in a widget on the side, but it got too long – I had to do something different! Hence the page.

        Oh – no – not soccer specifically – actually I think you might get a giggle – at least I hope so! Wait and see. 😆 You might hate it!

      • Agree about not publishing the subscribers and so on too. There is some stuff that I just don’t think it is necessary to plaster everywhere.

  15. Its not called soccer 🙂 its called football.

    Football is played in every country in the world by men with round balls.

    Gridiron or American football, is played by men with odd shaped balls.

  16. That was a very funny post!! Worthy of FP except they don’t like the F word. And thanks for keeping me on your blog roll even though I’m too busy running 200-mile relays (I survived – barely) to blog very often. I fucking love my fellow bloggers!! 🙂

  17. I’m particularly fond of Goats on Meth. Hilarious post…well done!

  18. Hi Steve!

    This is not a joke – I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award and it’s probably not the first time you have received it. I am almost scared to go through with it now that I have read this post, but in my mind, you deserve it, so I am continuing. However, I changed the terms of the award for everyone I am giving it to.

    You don’t have to do anything to accept this award. Period.

    If you have not won the award before, you might consider doing one or all of the following three things: 1) Link back in your blog to my blog; 2) Nominate other blogs, as many or as few as you like, for the award and let them know about it, or 3) in a post of your choosing, list seven interesting facts about yourself. If you are winning this award from me, but don’t recall checking out my blog, please feel free to do so.

    If you don’t feel like doing any of this, that’s okay too; you still deserve the award.

    Here is what I wrote about you specifically in the post that is going out tomorrow:

    Steve over at Brown Road Chronicles is another person whose posts are always very funny. He lives in one of the “M” states up north; Michigan or Minnesota or somewhere like that where the winters are ridiculously cold. His posts about his conversations with Julie at WordPress and the 911 operator in his city have been “laugh out loud” funny.

    Please don’t be too hard on me!


    • Hi Nancy, of course I won’t be hard on you! I’m way too nice for that. And thank you for reading and appreciating the blog. That means a lot. After this profanity filled tirade though, I think I am better off just saying thanks and leaving it at that. We can still be friends!! 🙂

  19. OK – ya got me. But what I feel really stupid about was that after the 2nd link, I knew what the 3rd would be. Apparently, I just like to double-check my gullibility, because I clicked the 3rd one too. But I am not stupid, so let the 4th and 5th fend for themselves (though am fighting the desire to just a little click.

  20. Surprised you gave into the pressure! I have my count at 3 at the moment, but I’m not giving in till 20!

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  22. Blogging awards are everywhere!
    What I want are blogging trophies, medallions, and blue ribbons!

    I’m waiting for the Nobel Post Prize for Blogging.
    … I don’t think it’s been awarded yet. hee hee!

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  24. Awesome laughter provoking post, I only clicked on the hillbilly link, does that say something about me???

  25. Sarcasm and satire. Two of my most favorite things in a man. Or a woman. Or a goat. On meth.

  26. I must be practicing safe blogging because I’ve been doing this for two years and still haven’t been “infected”. Any tips for me as venture into becoming a blog whore?

    Oh, and thanks for sharing these blogs.

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