Have you lost your Head?

We haven’t had much snow this year.  Just an inch or two here and there. When the first snow fell, my son went outside and rolled up this big snowball. Because that’s what boys do. As there was only a few inches of snow on the ground, the ball accumulated all the leftovers from the fall, leaves and sticks and dirt and pine needles.


I noticed yesterday that it kind of looks like a face.  When you back up a little bit it looks even more like a face.


When you back up farther it looks even more like a face.  It looks like a snowman “buried in the sand.” I bet if I were to dig down 10 feet there would be a body underneath, dressed up in elegant charcoal buttons and with long crooked walnut tree branches for arms. Kind of like when archeologist’s discovered that the Easter Island Statues had bodies buried deep in the earth.


I can’t tell if it’s happy or sad, surprised or mad.  I think it’s watching us though… or maybe watching over us.  It stares at our house from about 100 feet away.  I bet if the moon ever landed in our yard it would look like this… except much larger! I wonder if there’s a snowman somewhere that needs a head.

Perhaps I’ll advertise this on Craigslist!


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23 responses to “Have you lost your Head?

  1. I would totally advertise on Craigslist! I’m sure you’d get some entertaining responses.

  2. It totally looks like a face – a happy, jolly face to me. Craig’s List is the perfect venue (and then you’ll have great fodder for a follow-up post)! Fun!

  3. That’s wild! The more you look at it, the more details it seems to have. He looks like he’s got a pleased smirk on his face to me

  4. Cheryl

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks distraught? It’s kind of cool the way it all came together though.

  5. Freezing temperatures evidently do strange things to folks (says the dude in the most damned bizarre state in the union which happens to have a subtropical climate).

    (said dude also loves your posts, Steve)

    • Yes they do!!! Goes along with the whole cabin fever thing! Thanks for reading, Mitchell, I love your posts too, still read all of them. On another note, I almost referenced you when I wrote the “Beard” post a week or so ago as someone who had a great beard. Then remembered you had shaved it off.

      • MAN, somehow I missed the beard post – I read it just now. That one was right in my wheel-house, too. Of course, I would say “to beard”, and beard with fists raised and triumphant middle fingers aimed at any trimming equipment. Alas, my beard is no more and I look entirely hire-able again. (I still haven’t brought myself to changing my twitter pic, though), I asked one of my girls a while ago if she thought it would be cool if I grew it again and she told me only if I wanted to scare her and her sister. Damn it.

  6. Just to clarify a fact: archeologist’s didn’t find the Easter Island statues bodies … scuba divers did while swimming under the island and seeing stone feet sticking out.

  7. I think we have his wife buried in our backyard. She lost her head too…or her body. Her head looks very much like your guy. We should totally reunite them. Totes. Cause the kids these days say “totes”

    • I could check how much it would cost to UPS it to you, but not sure it would survive the trip. I’ve heard of that word “totes” but don’t really know what it means (other than a kind of bag that you carry stuff in). I don’t think I ever heard my kids use that word, but who knows these days!

  8. I’ve looked very closely at this head, in case it turned out to be a relative of mine. I’m pretty sure now that it is either a golden retriever, or a hampster. Final identification might be achieved by watching it’s responses to any snacks you leave near it. Thankyou for the puzzle and the laugh.

  9. Stick a couple of branches on either side of it, as if reaching for the sky, then put a sign in front that says, “warning, quick sand.”

  10. I think it looks a lot like the moon… which I guess people have been saying that looks like a face too, but I don’t really get that. It’s obviously a bowling ball. Anyway, compare this:http://anneschilde.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/moon.jpg It clearly landed in your yard!

  11. That head is begging for some hands about two feet out from the head, trying to pull himself out of the ground.

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