Stories with Mr. Steve

This is a new children’s vlog series I am developing, kind of a Mr. Rogers type character, where “Mr. Steve” reads stories to kids. I thought I could promote some of my kids writing this way.  This first episode focuses on my classic story about careers; Daddy Daddy What Do You Do? which I wrote back in April. Please let me know what you think.

You can read Mommy Mommy here.


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7 responses to “Stories with Mr. Steve

  1. Margie

    The beer bottle is a nice touch… much more honest than drinking water, but not as debauched as swilling rum.

  2. Tamara

    Nice shirt! =) Thanks for the giggle this afternoon.

  3. Rich Crete

    Killing me! Your intonation is spot on.

  4. Wow!! and I was expecting Mr. Rogers………beer bottle very appropriate for the “kids” book, burping a must too…..nice job!!!

  5. You seem to like saying “crack whore” and “fleabag hotels”. hee hee!

  6. Fabulously funny. I’ve been busy writing a book that no-one wants to buy, so I put your e-mail alert on this blog entry in the saved folder and just got to it today. I loved that, so funny. My son is 13 and I played it to him too. He thought it was hilarious! You may have tagged the teen audience. It’s just fantastic. Perfect! Totally cracked up with laughter!

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