If you had to choose a tool to use…

When working ’round your house, there’s lot of TOOLS you’ll need to use.
Let’s look at some so when it’s time, you’ll know which one to choose.

If you had to choose a tool to use to pound a shiny NAIL,
A HAMMER with a big strong head will help you to prevail!

If you had to choose a tool to use to drive a THREADED SCREW,
A SCREWDRIVER with long steel shaft would do that job for you!

If you had to choose a tool to use to tighten down a NUT,
A WRENCH with jaws that you adjust would surely make the cut!

If you had to choose a tool to use to cut a BOARD in two,
A SAW with sharp and shiny teeth would cut that board right through!

If you had to choose a tool to use to make a hole in WOOD,
A POWER DRILL with a sharpened BIT is a choice that would be good!

If you had to choose a tool to use to pull some rusty NAILS,
A HAMMER with large CLAWS that grab is all that job entails!

If you had to choose a tool to use to dig yourself a HOLE,
A SHOVEL with a nice sharp blade would help you reach that goal!

If you had to choose a tool to use to grab on something tight,
A PAIR OF PLIERS with jaws that grip would complete that job just right!

If you had to choose a tool to use to hold two BOARDS you’ve glued,
A CLAMP that you can tighten down is a choice that would be shrewd!

If you had to choose a tool to use to make sure things are STRAIGHT,
A LEVEL with an air bubble is a tool that would be great!

If you had to choose a tool to use to cover walls with PAINT,
A PAINT BRUSH is the proper tool with which you should acquaint!

And when you’re done you’ll need a spot to put your tools away.
A TOOLBOX is the place to keep them for another day!

And if you want to read about what can happen when pulling rusty nails, read this! 🙂


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7 responses to “If you had to choose a tool to use…

  1. My dad was just complaining how few tools I have…I got a drill for Christmas though!!!

  2. Margie

    If you had to choose a tool to do all the jobs your husband could do if he only had the time,
    A telephone and the yellow pages will only cost a dime!
    (To call them, that is. But I still think the “Hire a Husband” company is cheaper than all the new tools the husband would buy to do the job…)

  3. I’m not allowed near tools by anyone who knows me well, such as my wife. I was a boy described by my industrial and production engineering university lecturer dad as the sort of boy who shouldn’t be allowed near metal. My dad did say that the metal work teacher should sit me in a chair in the corner with books on metalwork, metal and theory and the teacher wouldn’t hear a word from me until the bell and that I’d be able to tell anyone the theory for ages afterwards. I’m also the man who breaks lawn mowers, can’t drive and can’t put a shelf up. My father in law, an electrical engineer, was going on about my lack of technical skills and I said ‘Yeah, but can you write a beautiful, romantic and emotional Shakespearian or Petrarchan sonnet of perfect technical length, speed, metre, thematics and poetic resonance in half an hour or less?’ He said ‘What good is that?’ and I said ‘Ask your daughter.’ Case closed, or should I say tool box closed, and pen picked up.
    Add this to the tool box…
    ‘To tell an exciting, moving, enthralling tale of who or what or when, the perfect tools are paper and an easy moving pen.’

  4. celticadlx

    My husband and I spent two years “renovating” our “basement” (one big 1800 sq ft empty room is now six, ). We were told at the beginning we’d either end up best friends or divorced! The only things we didn’t do were finishing the drywall, plumbing and tile work. We got real handy with a LOT of different tools. Tools are your friends. I love the specialty ones that only have one purpose, like the one for that last edge of flooring that the block and hammer won’t get cause there’s no room, or the the “claw” for getting out those misaligned nails. I could go on, but I wont! I appreciate how multi-talented you are, tools and words and a way with both. What a man! (oh yeah, we’re best friends, not divorced!)

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