A Ghostly Tale

Our old house is sometimes creaky.
Sometimes noisy, sometimes squeaky.
We love it still with all its quirks.
So long as all the plumbing works.

We live there happily undaunted.
Although we’re told the house is haunted.
Our guess is that it’s just a hoax.
Though spirits are elusive folks.

There’s a story ‘bout a ghost that’s told.
She harkens from a time of olde.
We think her name is Abbie Hill.
Albeit we haven’t seen her still.

See, Mrs. Hill and her loving spouse.
They used to own this big old house.
They built it as their family grew.
Way back in Eighteen-Ninety-Two.

Now why she’d rather stick around,
than head off where she should be bound.
The answer, surely no one knows.
But this is how the story goes.

The previous owners told this tale.
To us, before we closed the sale.
They saw her at their kitchen table.
They swore this story was no fable.

She sat there in a kitchen chair.
A fancy bun up in her hair.
She wore a nineteenth-century dress.
Her image had a slight fluoresce.

Then just as fast as she’d appeared.
Her ghostly apparition cleared.
It took all of their common sense.
To explain this strange experience.

Then one night as the wife was sleeping.
She awoke to find the ghost was peeping,
at her, as she lay in bed.
A sight that filled her up with dread.

But this ghost seemed not to bear ill-feeling,
as she played this game of brief revealing.
Then with a touch of Laissez Faire.
She vanished quickly in the air.

So when we heard this new disclosure.
We had to keep our strict composure.
We loved this house with all our might.
Why worry about a ghostly sight?

We bought the house with nervous laughter.
And moved our stuff in shortly after.
Wondering then, to what extent,
We’d see our ghostly resident.

But so far she has not presented.
Apparently she’s quite contented.
To share this house on old Brown Road.
This home with which we’ve been bestowed.

And now we’ve lived here many years.
Shared smiles and laughs and hugs and tears.
Regardless if we’re rich or poor.
We hope we’ll live here many more.

And if our ghost decides to show.
In all her radiance and glow.
I guess we’ll have to let her stay.
To haunt us for another day!

Most of you have read the full Ghost Story here!  If you’d like to read more about Abbie Hill, check out the link! 🙂


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23 responses to “A Ghostly Tale

  1. There’s nothing quite like living in an old farmhouse, surrounded by open fields, and wind that whispers through the trees in the black of night. You can feel the energy left behind by those that walked the floors before you. Their happiness and sadness seems to have been absorbed by the plaster walls, and linger in the air some days. Let them have the city. I’d rather remain where ghosts walk. I like the company.

  2. I love this. This is one of my favorites of yours.

    I hope a ghost living in our house would find us agreeable roommates.

  3. Very nice! Had to Tweet it, not that anyone reads my Tweets – LOL – so don’t expect a flurry of hit from my Tweet!

  4. I hope your ghost continues to inhabit your home peacefully, Steve…


  5. My parents used to live in a “haunted house” ~ it was a big ‘ole rambling place with a wrap-around porch and big white columns that was built before the Civil War! I loved that old house!! My mother believed in the ghosts that lived there (she had many experiences) but my father thought she was crazy!

    • Sounds like a great place! So far neither of us has seen anything so we can’t claim “craziness.” They say some people are more apt to be able to experience “spirits” which may explain the difference between Mom and Dad. Who really knows, though.

  6. You are talented Steve! Don’t waste it! Find that publisher and get cracking! Xxxxxx

  7. I love a good ghost story, and I had really enjoyed previously reading your haunted house post, and the photo of Abbie and her austere looking family. Nice rythym to your prose, as well, Steve.

  8. I loved this story so much that I used it in a blog on my own website.
    Frank Watson, Clitheroe

  9. So glad you liked my blog on your ghost story and pointed me to the poetic version.
    Frank Watson, Clitheroe

  10. jennygoth

    loved the story i have an open mind about ghosts and afterlife very interesting subject nice space il be back to read more xxjen

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  12. I was brought up in a haunted house in York UK. I love this poem. 🙂

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  14. I love this poem! Very well worded, and humorous. I also really love your song “Roadkill Stew.”
    God Bless,

  15. Thanks. Had forgotten about a true ghost story from my own sorta-family, which will lead to a post at my place : )

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