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A Girl and a Horse

Madeline and Jack

What is it about a girl and a horse?

What brings them together, what powerful force?

Not the beautiful tack,

Nor the ride on his back,

But the unconditional love, of course!


Here’s my favorite song about horses. Written by the daughter of folk singer Peter Rowan and featured on a CD called “Daddy’s Sing Goodnight” which I’d encourage you to get a copy of if you have little ones!


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You Don’t Know Jack!

You don’t know Jack!

Don’t worry, I don’t really know Jack either.

In person, I’ve only seen Jack once.

My wife and daughter chose him.

But I am going to introduce you to Jack.

Because I’m sure there will be lots of stories to be had.

Jack is the latest addition to the Brown Road Farm.

This is Jack.

 Jack is still at the farm we purchased him from.

We will board him there for a short time

While we get everything on our property ready.

The barns and fences need some work.

Kind of like preparing a nursery for a baby to come home.

Except Jack is a lot bigger!

I don’t know much about horses.

He’s beautiful though, isn’t he?

Welcome to Brown Road, Jack!


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