A Girl and a Horse

Madeline and Jack

What is it about a girl and a horse?

What brings them together, what powerful force?

Not the beautiful tack,

Nor the ride on his back,

But the unconditional love, of course!


Here’s my favorite song about horses. Written by the daughter of folk singer Peter Rowan and featured on a CD called “Daddy’s Sing Goodnight” which I’d encourage you to get a copy of if you have little ones!


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22 responses to “A Girl and a Horse

  1. Very nice! What a lovely picture of Madeline and Jack and what a great gift this video is for her.

  2. Is this the song you sang when I first met you? I just love it. I loved my horse. *weep* They are both beautiful.

  3. Reminds me of me at that age…………….. *sigh*

  4. This is beautiful. Love your playing and your voice.

  5. I LOVE that photo! I mostly got bucked off the stallion POA we had but consider myself more of a mule-girl. They bucked me off, too, but we’re easier to work with…which says something about that damned POA.

    • Had to look up POA to figure out what you were referring to! My wife and daughter are the horse people in the family. Yes, I imagine mules can be tough!!

      • Well, I’m not a horse people but there are ranches all around who are. Used to be more beef around here but now it’s mostly horses (eating machines). I figured if your kid was into them, you’d know, sorry. But mules we used to operate the implements, so I’m more used them them and the point was they’re NICER than that bastard POA!

  6. Love the photo, and nicely sung too. I learned that one in A, capo 3 (like http://youtu.be/bxdR7iuZX70 DGA) but GCA works.

  7. I’ve got nothing against horses except they seem to hate me.

  8. I totally get this! I grew up riding and believe it’s good for a girl’s soul. I had to put my own horse down a few years ago and miss him terribly.

    • I don’t know if you have the space, but you could always get another one. You don’t have to actively be riding, they can just as easily be pets. I’ve always wondered why horse riding seems to be primarily a girls activity and doesn’t attract as many boys. Although when it comes to racing, most of the jockeys are men.

  9. GOF

    I really enjoy your style of music because I grew up before television arrived in rural Australia and we were often entertained by a musical neighbour who sang a broad variety of songs to the accompaniment of his 12-string guitar.

    • Thanks GOF. I really wish I had more time to really develop the skills. But its a fun hobby and a great way to entertain a few people. I think people who can play a 12 string are an amazing lot. My brother plays one. I can strum one but can’t figure out how to pick it… too many strings?!?!?

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