You Don’t Know Jack!

You don’t know Jack!

Don’t worry, I don’t really know Jack either.

In person, I’ve only seen Jack once.

My wife and daughter chose him.

But I am going to introduce you to Jack.

Because I’m sure there will be lots of stories to be had.

Jack is the latest addition to the Brown Road Farm.

This is Jack.

 Jack is still at the farm we purchased him from.

We will board him there for a short time

While we get everything on our property ready.

The barns and fences need some work.

Kind of like preparing a nursery for a baby to come home.

Except Jack is a lot bigger!

I don’t know much about horses.

He’s beautiful though, isn’t he?

Welcome to Brown Road, Jack!


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17 responses to “You Don’t Know Jack!

  1. Jack looks like a biter. Better not turn your back on Jack. He’s got that look in his eye. That look that says, “your left butt cheek is mine!”

    • I don’t know if he’s a biter, what I do know is I am not terribly comfortable around animals that are bigger than me, that’s gonna take some getting used to!

      • I’ve always thought that about horses. How odd it is to own such a large pet. I mean, when you think of owning a pet, you usually think of a dog or a cat or maybe a hamster or something, but a horse is basically a large pet.

  2. bigsheepcommunications

    I disagree – I think he looks like a sweetheart. Congrats on the new edition to the family!

  3. Cool, he looks ready to come home to Daddy! I know he will have a good home!

  4. He looks very handsome, Steve…have fun with him!


  5. He looks huge! Is that just the camera angle? Very pretty animal.

  6. If you don’t know much about horses – who is going to be riding him?

    I’m looking forward to the posts!

  7. Jack’s white spot looks a little bit like USA.

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  9. He is beautiful! At least if he gets lost, you wont have trouble identifying him. I really am so jealous. We would love horses, but dont spend enough time at home to LOVE them. I am sure they are like dogs…. need lots of love.
    Keep us up to date.

    • Yes, this will be a learning experience for us. Our daughter rode in her first competition yesterday, not on Jack, on a different horse. I was out of town so missed it, but the pictures were great, all dressed in her Western Cowgirl clothes. Yes I will keep you all updated and you’re right they require lots of love and time and work. Jack is still being boarded, we won’t have him at our place for a few months.

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