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Lions and Gargoyles and… Hot Chicks?

There’s a few houses around my area that have large cement statues of lions or gargoyles in front of them.  Now guarding your home with large cement statues if you have a lot of money and prestige, I guess is okay… but these folks have meager ranch houses that really are uncharacteristic of such statuesqueness. What kind of an egotistical douchebag would you have to be to put these atrocities in front of your house.

So, I decided since I’m a very famous, high profile blogger, I thought I might put some large cement statues in front of my house.  I went to my local cement statue retailer and discussed this with them. As they have had issues with people making rash decisions like buying gigantic lions and getting them home and realizing that they were too big for their double wide, they made me go through an extensive interview process to be sure that I picked the proper cement statues. In addition they were able to give me some mock-ups and product descriptions of a few of my top choices so that I could make an educated decision as to which would be best suited for my particular needs.

I’m hoping you can offer some feedback as to which you think is best.

Here’s my top choices…

1. Gargoyles:

Our #1 best selling statues! Gargoyles are a good choice for neighborhoods, or homes in the country. Able to ward off all kind of solicitors including Jehovahs, vacuum salespeople and Girl Scouts.

2. Lions:

A Best seller! Show up your neighbors by surrounding your driveway with these elegant Lion statues. If you didn’t feel like the king of your jungle before hand, you will now! Guaranteed to give you the hard earned reputation of biggest prick on the block… and who wouldn’t want that?

3. Neptunes:

Who doesn’t love the God of the Sea? These statues will make you feel like the God of your neighborhood. Special bonus: Comes with your own personal Trident that you can use to stab the neighbor kids when they trespass in your yard!

4. Hot Chicks:

Are you man enough to have these two hot chicks gracing your front yard? Show the guys in your neighborhood who wears the pants in your relationship. Or in the case of these statues, who doesn’t wear the pants!

Let me  know what you think, I hope to have these delivered next week!



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