The Dad Store

A little boy named Jonny, got tired of his Dad.
He went into the Dad Store, to see what else they had.
The choices were so many, of every shape and size.
All with different skill sets, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

He stood there in the Dad Store, feeling sort of lost.
He didn’t know quite where to start or what a Dad might cost.
His confidence was waning, he turned back towards the door.
But in his way, a salesperson said “welcome to our store!”

“I’ll help you find a Dad today, let me show you ‘round.”
“‘Cause when it comes to Dad Stores, we are world-renowned.”
“I’m only here to help you, I don’t work on commission.”
“I’ll help you find a Dad today, just give me your permission.”

Jonny said “I guess so, please show me what you’ve got.”
“I didn’t bring much money, I just can’t spend a lot.”
The salesman looked at Jonny, a big smile on his face.
“We’ll work within your budget, you’ve come to the right place!”

“Let’s start here with the athletes, the ones who teach you sports.”
“The ones who’ll have you spend your days on fields and rinks and courts.”
“They’ll teach you lots of lessons, to take one on the chin.”
“And why it so important, to always try to win!”

“Over here’s the wealthy Dads, the ones with tons of money.”
“They’re always at their offices, on rainy days or sunny.”
“They’re mostly not around much, not when you want to play.”
“They’ll buy you lots of stuff though, new gifts for every day.”

“This aisle is the Brainy Dads, the ones who’ll be your buddy.”
“When hanging out means books and such and lots of time to study.”
“Report cards with a load of A’s, your only affirmation.”
“They’ll push you to a 4.0, a Harvard education!”

But Jonny didn’t want these Dads, with all their quirky rules.
He didn’t want that pressure, of money, sports, or schools.
“I only want a Dad” he said, “who’ll love me every day.”
“Regardless of the grades I get or all the sports I play.”

“I want a Dad who’ll hug me, when I’m feeling down.”
“I want a Dad who’ll make me laugh by acting like a clown.”
“Who’ll teach me to be brave enough to try things on my own.”
“Who’ll be the closest friend I have, when I feel alone.”

The salesman looked at Jonny, digesting what he’d heard.
He paused for just  a moment, before he said a word.
“I’m sure that we can find a Dad, the one you just prescribed!”
“With all those special qualities, the ones you just described!”

Then Jonny said “I’m sorry but I think I know who’s best.”
“I think I know a Dad who’s so much different from the rest.”
“That’s the Dad I have at home, who’ll stand so far above.”
“That’s the Dad, no matter what, the one I’ll always love!”

Happy Father’s Day to ALL the amazing Dads out there! Whether we realize it or not, we provide an integral part of the package that helps our kids grow into caring and responsible adults. Thank you  for being a loving, involved father to your kids, you ARE making the world a better place!


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29 responses to “The Dad Store

  1. Happy fathers day to you my friend 🙂

  2. Very touching, thanks for sharing…and thanks for being a Dad and for celebrating all the others who serve this important role.:-) Blessings!

  3. Happy Father’s Day to you, Steve.

  4. Just wonderful … but I wish there was some kind of Dad stores, because we are many that never knew our dad … or had a dad.

  5. Thanks, well written, well said…..We never truly appreciate what we have until it is gone, sort of like Dorothy in The wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home….there is always something shiny, alluring ahead… but beware.

  6. Beautiful Steve, can I put this poem on my poetry blog.

  7. Kim

    Lucky for your kids, you are a little of all of the things you describe in your poem…throw in a teacher of handyman tips and a dash of culinary competence and you are all that your children need in a Dad! You may not think that your kids appreciate you in that way, but deep down they know they have a good thing going…someday they will give you the kudos you deserve! Love you, Sweethear

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  9. Well, this actually made me cry. And i would like the audio version too. I heard you reading it as I read. Happy Father’s Day!

  10. You are a gifted man. This made me cry. Great stuff.

  11. Great post!! Liked it a lot.

  12. You really do have a knack for these, Steve. I don’t know if it’s your dream or whatever, but if you pulled just these Seussical ones out separately and put them in a book, you really would be famous soon.

    • Thanks Anne! Yes, believe me I’d sure like to see some of this stuff in print. Just not sure where to go. I’ve sent individual pieces to agents and publishers and recently sent a bunch of queries to agencies to hopefully consider a compilation. So far no luck. Could go the electronic route but that means hiring (and I assume paying for) an Illustrator.

  13. I’m following you, follow me back

  14. nowwhatsmyname

    thanks for sharing this! I’ll read this to my eight-year-old tonight!

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