O’ Beautiful Corn

O’ Beautiful Corn, you grow so high.
Up to our knees by Fourth of July.
Up to our chest in August late.
Just in time for harvest date.

O’ Beautiful Corn, grown from the lands.
We buy you from the local stands.
A dozen ears won’t cost a lot.
Shall be enough to fill our pot.

O’ Beautiful Corn, in husks of green.
We peel them to reveal your sheen.
A job, our children we employ.
One of the jobs they do enjoy.

O’ Beautiful Corn, you precious food.
You always put me in the mood.
For friends and fun and barbeques.
And summer meals we can’t refuse.

O’ Beautiful Corn of shining Maize.
Your fresh picked taste on summer days.
Soaked in butter, sprinkled with salt.
Your goodness we should all exalt.

O’ Beautiful Corn, your cobs we strip.
With our teeth we tear and rip.
Like a typewriter moving ‘cross the page
That’s how it’s done at any age.

But Beautiful Corn, we must confess.
There’s a question we can only guess,
has been asked by people o’er and again,
even the pilgrims way back when.

See, Beautiful Corn, we are distressed.
Why your kernels, we cannot digest.
Every other food we turn to poo.
Why can’t we do the same with you?

The End (pun intended)! 🙂


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15 responses to “O’ Beautiful Corn

  1. bigsheepcommunications

    As if those pilgrims didn’t have enough to worry about already!

  2. I’m a fan of your blog, so I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award. You can check our post about it here…http://thethrowdown.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  3. Yes the corn/ poo mystery baffles me as well. It has been explained to me several times, but I still think it’s elfin magic of some sort

  4. Corn farmers in my backyard. Nothing better.

    You know, except the poo part. 😉

  5. I moved a birdfeeder and some corn grew by accident. I let it go, just to see what would happen. Must be GEO food or Franken food, as they say, because it did not produce ears. But don’t get me started on Monsanto. I call them the Third Antichrist–as in, corporations are legally considered ‘a person’ under the law, and no one is a more evil or destructive entity on the planet.’

    I do like your poem. It’s too funny for such a serious response. Next time chew your vegetables before you swallow.

    • We’ve tried to grow corn before but have never been able to get any decent ears from it. Must be some secret I don’t know about. I’ll stay out of the Monsanto discussion, don’t know enough about it. Maybe that’s a good thing! 🙂

  6. Monsanto Corporation is responsible for genetically engineered food, in other words, seeds that will only produce one crop with built-in pesticides. These plants have a suicide gene after the first year that will not allow a second crop. So farmers have to buy new seeds every year. MC started by taking over the corn crops, then the wheat.
    To grow plants year after year, from seeds that you save, you must have Heirloom or open pollination plants, i.e., plants outside Monsanto Corp. Plus, I hear MC is trying to gain control of the water on planet Earth, too. — Sorry to blog on your blog. But some things rile me. Sorry, sorry, I apologize profusely.

  7. Yes, it is truly amazing the colorful deification displayed after the consumption of corn. What other food lends itself to this form of expression? Nothing blue seems to make it through. Occasionally a bit of red pepper skin might make it past the digestive enzymes, but excrement colorization is generally held to brown. Unless, of course, you’ve been eating a LOT of top ramen, which tends to make it green after a month of nothing else.

  8. I have a house full of corn eaters. Strange I am reading about the end of summer everywhere and of course for us we are now in spring, waiting anxiously for summer.

    I like your take on corn!

  9. Corn is my favourite yellow vegetable next to bananas.
    (I usually put those things next to each other)

    note: some people say corn isn’t a vegetable; when I ask them why, they say, “It’s classified.”

  10. Cleverly corny. Well done.

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