So I’ve built a website to house just my poems and rhyming stories, www.tyme4rhyme.com.  The purpose, I guess, to have a site that I can use to promote just that side of my writing (without the sometimes sordid stuff that goes on at BRC!), a link I can send to someone, that sort of thing. I’ve slowly been adding existing posts over the last two days. Not  sure if I like the format yet.

I’m going to leave all of this stuff on BRC, and will continue to post most rhyming stories to both sites. But I may post some shorter poems only to this site. We’ll see, it’s a work in progress.

‘Cause that’s just what I need… another website to worry about… 🙂

Oh… and if you know any starving illustrators who you think would like to draw a pic or two per story in exchange for credit on the site, please send them my way!


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6 responses to “tyme4rhyme.com

  1. Split personality, now? Splitting image? Splitting headache?
    Sorry – couldn’t help it.
    Hope it all goes smoothly. WIll check with some illustrators I know.

  2. As if you aren’t busy enough??? Sorry I don’t have much in the way of drawing skills. Or poetry. Or dance, playing the piano, saxaphone…never mind.
    Good luck with the new site!

  3. Really cool Steve. I just book marked it.

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