A Conversation Heart Conversation

A one act play in conversation hearts:  read left to right like a book.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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18 responses to “A Conversation Heart Conversation

  1. You outdid yourself! My new fav …

  2. Good stuff, Steve. As usual. . .

  3. Fresh, novel presentation with humour and remarkable insight. Very, very well done ;D

  4. Having tried to create a story with the hearts that come out of the boxes before…

  5. I didn’t really get into Valentine’s Day this year, but I got into the chocolates though.

  6. Margie

    Well done!
    Steve – sex and a swear word – just what are the Freshly Pressed editors going to think!?

  7. This was so cute and funny and true and I really want to steal some candy hearts out of my kids’ stash now!

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