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Have you lost your Head?

We haven’t had much snow this year.  Just an inch or two here and there. When the first snow fell, my son went outside and rolled up this big snowball. Because that’s what boys do. As there was only a few inches of snow on the ground, the ball accumulated all the leftovers from the fall, leaves and sticks and dirt and pine needles.


I noticed yesterday that it kind of looks like a face.  When you back up a little bit it looks even more like a face.


When you back up farther it looks even more like a face.  It looks like a snowman “buried in the sand.” I bet if I were to dig down 10 feet there would be a body underneath, dressed up in elegant charcoal buttons and with long crooked walnut tree branches for arms. Kind of like when archeologist’s discovered that the Easter Island Statues had bodies buried deep in the earth.


I can’t tell if it’s happy or sad, surprised or mad.  I think it’s watching us though… or maybe watching over us.  It stares at our house from about 100 feet away.  I bet if the moon ever landed in our yard it would look like this… except much larger! I wonder if there’s a snowman somewhere that needs a head.

Perhaps I’ll advertise this on Craigslist!


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