Overlooked… AGAIN!

I am mad!

I am really mad!

I am really so fucking MAD!

Do you know why I am MAD?


Well, listen up, ‘cuz this is some serious business!

You readers probably know this already, but just in case you don’t… in case you are not a subscriber… in case you haven’t seen the front page…. well… I have been overlooked once again. OVERLOOKED… ONCE… AGAIN! Do they think I haven’t noticed? Do they think I’m not offended? Do they think I haven’t figured out that they probably are not even considering me?

Well… BELIEEEVVEEE MEEEE… I HAVE noticed. It’s a sham, it’s a crock, its criminal. Time and again I’ve put myself out there in front of the world and time and again I’ve been overlooked. Overlooked like the last kid picked in gym class for the dodgeball team. Overlooked like some dork at the school dance, standing against the wall, hoping the homecoming queen will ask him out. Yeah, I’ve noticed alright! I keep getting overlooked and… I… AM… MAD! In fact I have been overlooked so many times I’m starting to feel like Susan Lucci at the Emmy Awards.

Seriously, are they saying I don’t have what it takes?

Well, you know what? I think I do have what it takes. I mean, what the fuck do these other guys have that I don’t have? Is it because I swear too damn much? Or what… do you have to have connections or something? Do you have to kiss someone’s ass?  Do you have to be like a goddamn movie star?

I mean, who in the hell do these people who make these decisions think they are? Who’s involved in the selection process? What’s their criteria for selection? I want to know! I want some facts and figures! I want some answers to these questions!

I demand some goddamn answers!

Because, you know what? YOU… KNOW… WHAT? I think it should finally be my turn.  I think I deserve it because I’ve worked hard and I believe I have a large fan base that would support my selection!  Think what it would do for my reputation, my fame, my stature.  Think how my blog would grow! Next time around, I want to be selected, I want to be on the goddamn front page!

I will not be OVERLOOKED any more!

I mean, who the fuck is Bradley Cooper anyway? Sure, he’s handsome and has great hair and stunning blue eyes and perfect teeth, and sure, he won this time…

… but frankly… I’ve never heard of the guy.


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34 responses to “Overlooked… AGAIN!

  1. Msmouse7

    I feel your pain.

  2. Scott

    I’m still hoping for Danny deVito to finally win this award

  3. Hahahaha. Hilarious. I don’t know who he is either. Does this mean we are…*ahem* old?

  4. Dude, I thought that was you just using a pseudonym. . .

  5. Well I would vote for you…but you have to admit even being a man, that Bradley is just a wee tad tiny bit freaking sexy….just saying.

  6. Outrageous! I figured you for top 10 this year. I’m canceling my People subscription in protest!

  7. You should start a petition in your blog and we will all sign it, the heading could be.

    Who is the unknown on your front page, i can fit that bill.

  8. LOL I’m sure your wife appreciates you! Or is she a Bradley Cooper fan?! 🙂

  9. bigsheepcommunications

    If it makes you feel any better, I have no idea who Bradley Cooper is, but I do know who Steve Warner is.

  10. Um, Bradley’s okay. I wouldn’t throw rocks at him, but I wouldn’t drag him back to the cave either.

  11. You were totally robbed! I do know who he is, but I’m not impressed. Maybe if you can get a bit part on Hangover 3, you’d win next year.

  12. Please below for the petition, ” STEVE for People.”

  13. I’m getting to the age I feel bad for thinking any of those kids are sexy.

  14. celticadlx

    I’m sorry they made you so mad but then again we got a great laugh out of it! Like madtante I’m not a cougar but I do like eye candy so I agree you should win!

  15. Oh dear! There is no explaining the tastes of some people, especially those celebrity watcher types, you know.

    If it makes you feel any better, they overlooked my husband again as well.

  16. Yeah well you know what he had to do to get that right? I mean that’s not hair gel giving him a good style, know I what I mean? Also if you look close enough they haven’t photo shopped all the brown marks off his nose. Nah it’s a fix, for sure!

  17. Rich Crete

    Maybe I can help. 2-3 years ago when I won it was because of my….what?….wait….yes, I did, it was….really?….I thought….oh.
    Never mind dude.

  18. Come on buddy…you & me both should have been on there…..LOL You know him I bet. He was on Alias with Jennifer Garner. He is one of the stars of “The Hangover” movies. He was also in the new “The A Team” movie.

  19. Rae

    Seriously, he’s not even that cute.

  20. I think you should start your own magazine. Call it….”Person” and then you can put yourself on the cover. How cool would that be? 🙂

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