Happy Birthday to Me!

Don’t be alarmed… it’s okay… there’s no need to panic… everything is under control… you didn’t miss my birthday.

My birthday is tomorrow, Thursday, September 29th.  See, I wanted to tell you all today so that you had plenty of time to prepare your birthday wishes and comments and in case anyone wanted to UPS Next Day Air a gift or some money to me. Don’t feel obligated though to send me anything, just a nice comment will suffice. Or, if you have some spare time tomorrow and would be willing to click over and over on some of my posts so that I think I’m getting a lot of blog hits on my birthday that would be a good present too. Just don’t tell me what you’re doing… that can be your little secret.

I’ll be forty-four years old tomorrow.  Forty-four seems like a pretty good age. There are lots of fours in it. In fact there are more fours than I’ll ever have in my age unless I live to be four-hundred and forty-four which would be pretty cool. Think how much blogging I could do between now and then. So if you happen to have the Secret to Eternal Life and you want to UPS Next Day Air that to me that would be awesome. Otherwise, you have my permission to gorge yourself on some cake or sweets tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with me.

With that in mind, I did a Google search for forty-fourth birthday cakes in case anyone wanted to copy one of the designs and bake me a cake and UPS Next Day Air it to me for my birthday.

Here’s a nice one I found. It looked delicious until I saw that butterfly creature on the side with the big slug body and then it kind of grossed me out.  I bet momfog wouldn’t make a cake with a big slug-butterfly on it.  If you don’t know who momfog is, she’s a blogger that makes really cool cakes and sometimes writes about them.  Hopefully this isn’t her cake.

Then I found this one. This cake was President Obama’s forty-fourth birthday cake. It also looked delicious until I realized that it probably cost an exorbitant amount of my tax money to get it made and was likely filled with nothing but empty promises and hand-outs.  Then it kind of grossed me out.

This cake was apparently for a guy named Mike. It doesn’t actually say it was for a forty-fourth birthday but it came up in the search and I thought it was pretty neat. This one didn’t gross me out.  I just hope this fellow Mike, didn’t spend his actual birthday skiing off cliffs like this because he probably would no longer be with us… kind of like the other guy who lost his skis in the snow and is nowhere to be found.

Finally, this last one was the cake at Pamela Anderson’s 44th Birthday.  She seems to be enjoying herself.  So does the guy whose lap it is sitting on.  I hope he didn’t puncture a hole in the bottom of the cake.  That kind of grossed me out too.

So, maybe I won’t have any cake for my birthday, although my wife will probably get a cake or some cupcakes or something like that, and she always makes a good choice.  A nice evening spent with her and the kids is all I really need… unless you are a literary agent and you want to send me a contract for my birthday. That would be great too!


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37 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Well let me be the first to say “Happy Birthday!” I’ve been a way for a while and guess I got back just in time. Ha..ha..
    “A nice evening spent with her and the kids is all I really need…” ((sigh)) Is that what it feels like to be happy? I’d take that for my birthday too.
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and bountiful year ahead…

  2. Pamela Anderson the same age as you Steve 🙂 she must have had a boob job. Something for you.

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise,
    A priceless look, as you analyze.
    Familiar faces; instantly recognize,
    Your reaction, they all dramatize.

    Days leading up, secretly advertise,
    Tricked and convinced, to think otherwise.
    You wonder how, they managed to organize,
    Successfully plan with brilliant disguise.

    Thinking of you; meant to symbolize,
    Today is your day, let us emphasize.
    Smiles and laughter, surely energize,
    Thoughtful company is the ultimate prize

  3. Happy Birthday (tomorrow)! I like reading light, pleasant posts, and I liked all my own double-number birthdays (11, 22, 33, 44, 55). Here’s a psychic prediction in your honor:

    You will make an important decision in the next two weeks. Be prepared!

    You share a calendar date of birth with Miguel de Cervantes, Enrico Fermi, Gene Autry, and … Jerry Lee Lewis (whoa, baby!)

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with the love and laughs of family and friends. Here’s hoping for that contract…cheers!

  5. wastelandexplorer

    Have a happy birthday

  6. bigsheepcommunications

    Happy Almost Birthday – May gravity be kind to you!

  7. sportsattitudes

    Happy Pre-Birthday, BRC! Based solely on my personal experience you have six good years left before you go “off the rails.” Enjoy them!

  8. Margie

    I contacted UPS, but they laughed when I mentioned Next Day 44th Birthday Service from my Red House to your Brown Road House. “We might make it out your way by September 44th, at about 44 o’clock!” is what I think they said between chuckles.
    I’ll have to send you the Secret to Eternal Life by parcel post – you’ll need to live forever if you hope to see that package arrive!
    Happy Birthday!

  9. My wife’s favorite is Red Velvet. I have never tried to make a cake or even knew how to bake until her birthday last year. So, I just got out the box, read the directions & made her one. It was awesome…everybody there loved it…it screwed me though…now she buys & asks me to make a cake almost every week. They have been good though…would like to learn how to make one from scratch though & not cheat with the box kind…LOL

  10. Happy Birthday! When you find the literary agent willing to send you a contract, after your contract is signed, sealed and delivered, can you send him or her my way? Thanks!


    • Nancy, I’ll be sure to let you know. Could be a long wait though!

      • I know. I have this vision in my mind of the phone ringing out of the blue and a literary agent announcing to me that he or she has read my blog and would love for me to write a book for publication, but its been six months plus and it hasn’t happened yet! Fortunately, blogging is addictive in and of itself, so I intend to keep going!

  11. I’m not wishing you a happy birthday until tomorrow. I need to prepare…

  12. Congrat’s on your big day…..Here’s one of my favorite saying’s about getting older..
    They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body. ~Author Unknown
    If you figure this out…..be sure to let me know.

  13. I appreciate anybody who “owns” their age. People who lie about harms everybody else (especially celebrities cos people are idiots and look to entertainers to be their gurus).

    Happy early Solar Return! I don’t like cake but pie and brownies are welcome 🙂

  14. Happy b’day! As the Jewish girl in the room, I feel compelled to tell you that your b’day falls on Rosh Hashanah, which is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. It’s now 5772, in case you were wondering.

    I hope you have a sweet year filled with cake. And health and peace. And boobs.

    • Renee, I was talking to my Dad yesterday who still lives on Long Island where I grew up and where, as you know, there is a large Jewish population. He reminded me how excited us kids were when we moved there back in 1977 that we not only got school days off for the Christian holidays but the Jewish holidays as well! BONUS! I did not know it was 5772, thanks for clearing that up for me.

  15. Happy 44th a day late….today is my mom’s 61st birthday.

    Hope you had a good one and it continues on through the weekend.

  16. A belated Happy Birthday!
    Since I am a day late, I will UPS Next Day Air a day old piece of cake to you … and the last slice of pizza in the fridge.

  17. I know I’m late, but I was busy making you birthday pie. Sooooo much better than cake. Unfortunately (for you), I needed to do a quality check, and it is now gone. Too bad, peach huckleberry sounded like your flavor too. Anyway, happy birthday.

  18. Happy Birthday, Steve! I hope you had a nice day, and many more happy ones until next year. 🙂

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