Gee, your hair looks terrific!

My wife got her hair cut a couple of weeks ago…

When I saw her that evening, I told her that I loved her more than life itself and even though she had just gotten one of the most incredible haircuts in the history of haircuts and she looked more beautiful than Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, that I didn’t marry her for her hair and that she was beautiful no matter what her hair looked like…

Alright, I admit it… I didn’t really say that… but I did tell her two days later, when I finally noticed her haircut, that even though I hadn’t noticed right away that she looked stunning and more incredible than the day we met and that I appreciated her spending the time to look beautiful for me, but it didn’t really matter what her hair looked like because I loved her no matter what…

Okay… damn… alright, I didn’t say anything like that, but when I did notice like a week later, I said that she looked great but she looked a little different and asked her if she had done anything with her hair, even though it wasn’t really important because she was so beautiful and it didn’t really matter what her hairstyle looked like…

Alright… shit… you got me… I didn’t say any of that stuff, but when I got my own hair cut like a week and ½ later and my daughter noticed my hair and with my wife in the room, she asked me what I thought of Mom’s haircut, I told her that I thought it looked awesome, but I’d been very busy and just hadn’t had the opportunity to compliment her…

Alright… fuck… I admit it… I totally fucked it up again and I didn’t notice she got her haircut.  I don’t think I’ve ever noticed when she’s gotten her haircut and I figure since we met in 1986 I’ve easily had over 100 opportunities. I guess I’m just not that great at stuff like that. She didn’t bitch me out or anything… she is used to me being kind of a doofus when it comes to throwing out compliments for haircuts or new clothes or whatever else comes our way.

I’m glad she has accepted me for who I am. I am by no means perfect in some arenas, but I think I’ve got a lot to offer in others. She’s the same way and we compliment each other and that’s what makes our relationship so great. We rarely fight or have disputes, but we know and understand that marriage is hard, especially when children are involved. Somehow we make it work and we are able to keep some semblance of sanity in our lives. Is it perfect? No, but perfect isn’t really something that any of us can achieve. It is however ours, and that’s all that is necessary to make it right, regardless of haircuts and new shoes and clothes and cars and everything else…

… and for that I consider myself one lucky guy!


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21 responses to “Gee, your hair looks terrific!

  1. As I sure she considers herself one lucky girl 🙂 thanks for the smile…I always need hope…

  2. Why is that? Why don’t men notice haircuts?

    Back in the days when I had ‘jobs’, I always noticed when the men had a hair cut. I’d say brilliant things like, “Oh. You got a hair cut”. Their eyes would sorta bulge with surprise…”You noticed?” because, you know, guys don’t usually get ‘styled’. Just a little fraction of a trim. But I could always tell. And I always mentioned it. I wonder if that’s wrong, somehow? Like, harrassment?

  3. bigsheepcommunications

    Sincere compliments are always nice, but haircuts are pretty superficial. I bet she’d much rather hear that you think she’s the world’s best mom.

  4. Not noticing is better than, “Did you mean for your hair to look like that?” …which I’ve gotten.

  5. What a sweet post, Steve! Jim is way more observant than I am…sigh…it takes me a long time to notice something different.


  6. Margie

    The Hubby and I solved the Hair Cut thing. We both get our hair cuts on the same day at the same salon. The hair dresser thinks it is so ‘cute’ that we come together…

  7. I’ll value my husband’s comments then, because he did notice. Primarily he noticed because I was longer at the hairdresser than expected and he was hungry! 😆

  8. I love this post. I rarely get my hair done and so it’s VERY noticeable when I no longer have gray hair. Besides, I have to ask my hubby to WATCH the kids as it takes forever to get a cut/dye job done…so my husband has no choice but to “be in the know” and he trains my 7 and 5 year old to tell me how nice my hair looks when I walk through the door. (he’s figuring he’s getting ‘brownine’ points for later. I’m on to him!) 🙂

    Lake Forest, CA

  9. I never notice my wife’s haircuts, but in my defense, I had a goatee for two years and when I shaved it my wife never noticed. I finally brought it to her attention after three days.

  10. Similarly to TGG, my husband usually has a beard. Invariably when he shaves it off, I just don’t notice. Am I bad.

  11. So my husband isn’t alone 🙂 It’s all good. In fairness, I hardly look at the guy so when he gets his hair cut or his hair is all screwy when he head out the door or he has a bat in the cave, I never notice. He gets mad at me, “You let me walk around with a boogie hanging out my nose!”

    We are even. And I love the guy–whether he notices my new haircut or not.

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