The ABC’s of Publishing a Children’s Book

A is for Agents who I’m sending my query.
B is for Books which may soon disappeary.
C is for Children’s, a cut-throat division.
D is for waiting to hear their Decision.
E is for E-mailing queries like mad.
F is for Failing to proofread, so sad!
G is for Great, all the stories I’ve written.
H is for Hoping the agent is smitten.
I is for Indigestion I get from declines.
J is for Juggling submission guidelines.
K is for Keeping my eyes on success.
L is for Losing my mind from the stress.
M is for Money I hope they will pay.
N is for No which I hear everyday.
O is for Overworked, its taking its toll.
P is for Published, the ultimate goal.
Q is for Quitting and giving up writing
R is for Rhyming books, always exciting
S is for Seuss, everybody would read him.
T is for Tired of trying to beat him.
U is for Unpublished and feeling out of balance.
V is for Vastly overestimating my talents.
W is for Writing with all my finesse.
X is for eXpecting to always impress.
Y is for Yes, when someone finally replies.
Z is for ZZZZZZZZZZZZ I can rest my tired eyes!


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10 responses to “The ABC’s of Publishing a Children’s Book

  1. No Quitting for you! Never! If I can fight a whole government for my dream, YOU can fight a publisher or two….. or three…………. for yours. 🙂

  2. bigsheepcommunications

    Caution: if you begin speaking and writing ONLY in rhymes, it’s time for a mental health break.

  3. I like the “G”…your stuff is alway great & you need to get “Q” out of your mind…you are too good!

  4. Hang in there! Way cool post – inventive and un!

  5. harry the handy man

    another great post Steve, i wish i could right like that

  6. harry the handy man

    see, i can’t even write right, right

  7. Hey Steve! I want to pick your brain about publishing – can you email me?! (

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