The Freshly Pressed Experience

When my post Old Barn Coat was featured on Freshly Pressed a few weeks ago, I had a couple of loyal readers ask me to comment on the experience. I wasn’t sure I wanted to write a post like this because in reality we can all look at the blogs that appear on the WordPress front page and easily see how much traffic these posts receive, even if only temporarily.

But, as I know a lot of people write a post-FP’d post, at least after the first time it happens, I thought I should fulfill my obligation as well. Because it really was a fun roller coaster ride of blogging activity that I wish could happen to everybody at least once! So here’s my very thorough analysis, based on my personal experience, broken down into categories and with graphical images to assist in documenting this event as simply and clearly as possible.

Statistical Bar Graph:

During a Freshly Pressed event:

twin towers

For about a week your statistical bar graph will look very similar to a pre-9/11 Manhattan with a very large spike in the early days.

After a Freshly Pressed event:

Cripple Creek

Your statistical bar graph will once again begin to look like the streetscape of Cripple Creek, CO, trending dramatically downhill.


During a Freshly Pressed event:

Pete Rose

Your site will be breaking hit records like the great Pete Rose, who still holds the all-time Major League Baseball record for most hits in a career. Just don’t place any bets on who will be Freshly Pressed next or you might be banned from ever blogging again.

 After a Freshly Pressed event:


Your daily hits will eventually drop back down to normal levels, somewhere in the statistical neighborhood of Bill Bergen, who during a 10 year Major League Baseball career, compiled a .170 batting average and is often considered the worst hitter in Major League baseball history among position players (non-pitchers).


During a Freshly Pressed event:

Wall Street Journal

Your subscriptions and stature will grow to levels comparable to the world renowned newspaper, The Wall Street Journal.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration.

Weekly World News

Perhaps more like the Weekly World News. That’s probably closer to the writing skills and stature most of us possess anyhow.

After a Freshly Pressed event:

Alright… look… let’s be frank…

Times Brownsville Oregon

You’ll still only have about as many readers as this local newspaper whose lead stories on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 had something to do with a grain elevator and a cat.


During a Freshly Pressed event:


When your post hits the front page you’ll have commenters reaching out to you like the screaming girls at a Justin Beiber concert.

 After a Freshly Pressed event:



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38 responses to “The Freshly Pressed Experience

  1. Hahaha! So awesome! What a great take on the FP experience! So true. At least they picked one of your good ones! 🙂

  2. Made me laugh. Its not happened to me, and I consider it unlikely, but it would be a fun ride

  3. Hahaha! This is fantastic! I love the pictures…
    I am lucky to have been there, but it has been a while.

    I expected that my new followers would arrive on my doorstep every day in wait of my next post, but most ran off to the next FP party. It is fun while it lasted, right? I should only speak for myself. They are probably shoving me out of the way right now!

  4. Loved the coat, as I do most of your work, but I think this post was even fresher! Cripple Creek looks just right to me, and I miss reading about BAT BOY in the Weekly World News. (

  5. Margie

    Excellent post – glad you shared the experience with us. We (the NBFP Club members) depend on you (the FP Club members) for these brief glimpses of what it is like on the ‘Other Side’.
    Gotta run – am busy pondering my statistical bar graph which really does look like the streetscape of Cripple Creek, CO.

  6. They definitely should Freshly Press THIS post – it rivals the funny factor of your previous posts on why you’ve never been FP’d. You are funny and ironic regardless of which side of the divide you are on. Bravo!

  7. OK, that was a complete hoot. Thanks.

  8. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Like Renee said, at least they picked a great post of yours to showcase!

  9. Great photos and an excellently written insight!

  10. Your originality is further proof of your worthiness among the ranks of the FP’d. Thanks for the laugh; I acknowledge that it took quite a bit of work. Well done.

  11. thanks for giggly start to Saturday morning… have a great day

  12. The hit count spike is the most jarring, I think. What used to be a good day looks so pitiful next to the looming towers of WordPress attention. It’s almost (almost) a relief when it rolls off the calendar and the graph looks reasonable again. Almost.

    And I always wonder about all the people who subscribe when you’re FP… and then never come back. Ever. Not once. Where’d you go? Why’d you subscribe? I mean, thanks, but… there’s more!

    • You are right. My top hit spike was somewhere just over 1000 hits. On a good day, I’m VERY lucky to hit 100. And yes I am looking forward to the day when the twin towers (actually I have triplet towers) move off my graph and allow my stubby little regular days to look a bit more ominous!

  13. It was like Buttah. Buttah, I tells ya.

    Sorry I missed the event in real time – I’ll dig back and find your glimmering moment of fame and then stomp all over it for you. I am not jealous. I broke my computer and that’s my excuse.

  14. Haha, well, it’s not Julie, but I’ll take it. 🙂

  15. Was it everything you hoped it might be? It was a cool experience for me. This post is fab and should be Freshly Pressed. cCongratulations!

  16. I kept smiling as I was reading this.I didn’t even know you were freshly pressed because I hardly ever read them but stopped by because you had a few titles I was curious about and now I will be back.Good wishes and thanks for the smiles

  17. Yep. If you could ride a bike over the graph, you’d hit that brick wall and bounce off. But once you climb over it, it’s smooth sailing once more.

  18. So sorry I missed your big moment! Congratulations…you totally deserved to be Freshly Pressed!

  19. A Freshly Pressed Engagement … seems to last as long as a Vegas Wedding.
    … but it would still be cool in a … cool way.

  20. Richard L Wiseman

    Brilliant! You have too much talent to go unnoticed for long.

  21. So very clever. When received an email telling me that a post of mine was FP’d, I thought I had been pranked… 🙂 I enjoyed this post.

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