Hobo’s Lullaby

Just doin’ a little croonin’…

These days I don’t seem to pick up the guitar as much as I used to.

I used to like this song a lot, hadn’t heard it in years and tripped over it today on youtube. It was written by a guy names Goebel Reeves, but the most well known version is probably the very somber Arlo  Guthrie rendition off of his album of the same name.  I like the dark, graininess of the video too… fits the song well. Its a simple three chord song and when you have my limited skills, those are the best kind!


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10 responses to “Hobo’s Lullaby

  1. Fantastic. You are talented.

  2. This was awesome! Do you take requests? Any chance you’re a Dylan fan?

    • I do like some Dylan songs but honestly other than the classics (which there are many), I don’t know that much of his music. I like to sing Blowing in the Wind though… I think that’s one of the first songs that any guitar player ever learns! Do I take requests? I don’t think I could replicate his voice! 🙂

  3. <– malcontent

    I'm so spoiled now by YouTube, I'm disappointed this wasn't a duet with your cello self.

  4. I can’t believe this! I just heard this on NPR the other day on Fresh Air… You do such a great job on it. I too, love the way the video came out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. GOF

    Wonderful. I could listen to this sort of music for hours.
    I’m also enjoying all the other stories on your blog.

  6. Margie

    Well done!
    A friend of ours brought his guitar over the other night and sang us a song he had composed about my husband’s motorcycle crash. There is nothing better than these ‘unplugged’ melodies!

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