As Long As You’re With Me v.3.0

Sorry to bombard you with yet another version of this song, but I’ve been fiddling around with some very cool home recording software, recorded the song, added some harmonies and this is what I came up with:

It’s not ready for iTunes,  but I think it sounds pretty good.  It’s hosted on a website called Groove Shark so hopefully the link works.

Anyway, thanks for listening!  One of these days I’ll get back to serious blogging.


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12 responses to “As Long As You’re With Me v.3.0

  1. I am bummed that I can’t hear the new version of your song as Grooveshark is not supported by Mac. Or at least iPhones. But I’ll wait until you tell me I can actually buy the song on iTunes.

    That will be excellent, Cowboy! 😉

  2. Very good Steve, did i hear duel vocal’s as well as the pings.

  3. Great job . Loved this song of yours.

  4. jennygoth

    cool xxjen

  5. Are you planning a career change from writer to singer? 😀

  6. How many more versions are you going to do? I’m expecting a remix rap version next.

  7. LOL, Good Greatsby’s comment is funny.
    Wow, Steve, that was beautiful. For some reason, I am not getting notifications of your posts. Again! Gr.

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