Beautiful Girl

Awhile back I wrote this post about wanting to write a song and not being able to find the words.  Well, I guess this whole blogging thing has finally freed the creativity and the writers block.  Thank you all for the encouragement!!

So, here’s my first song.  I wrote this song for my daughter who is 13 and who is growing up too fast… who better to inspire some lyrics than Daddy’s Girl.  It’s a simple song but it took me about two weeks to finish it and the final version is nothing like the original started as.  Maybe this will lead to many more. 

Here’s the link to hear it on youtube.  Sorry the recording isn’t great but that’s what you get with a video camera.

And here’s the lyrics:

Beautiful Girl (Madeline’s Song)

Beautiful Girl
Every day you make my world so right
Every day you make the stars shine bright
Like a warm summer night

Beautiful Girl
Yesterday you were just a child
Bringing joy with that innocent smile
You’re only here for awhile

Beautiful Girl
As every cherished moment goes past
These precious days I know won’t last
You’re growing up too fast

I fight back the tears ’cause I know
Someday I’ll have to let you go
To spread your wings and to find your pot of gold
But don’t forget
You’ll always be my beautiful girl
You’ll always be my beautiful girl

Beautiful Girl
I hope you know I adore you so
I hope you know my love will show
How your life will grow

Beautiful Girl
The world can be beautiful place
Go out and find some dreams to chase
Show the world your grace

Beautiful Girl
There will be times when you feel far away
On those days when your music doesn’t play
Sing this song and I’ll say

Fight back the tears ’cause you’ll know
That even though you’re on your own
Just spread your wings and you’ll find your pot of gold
But don’t forget
You’ll always be my beautiful girl
You’ll always be my beautiful girl
You’ll always be my beautiful girl


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21 responses to “Beautiful Girl

  1. You Did it!! It is so beautiful! She is a very lucky girl 🙂

  2. That is a great song, Steve, and you sang it well! I have to admit that I clicked on the video with some trepidation, because I really can’t stand bad singing (most of my family has musical talent). I spent 15 years married to a country radio DJ/Music Director…that’s just as good a song as his station used to play! I think you may have found your niche!


    • Thanks WW! I thought it came out ok, maybe someday I’ll try to get a better recording of it. That’s cool that you have a musical family. I do also, well at least a family of “campfire guitarists!” I think its a great hobby and something I try to instill in my kids.

  3. Beautiful stuff, man. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Can we say, ‘Multi-talent?’

    A word on self-promotion: Always but a link back to your blog on everything, YouTubes, emails, etc. I noticed you had 47 views on YouTube; a potential to collected half of them as new readers to your blog. One must be brazen to get attention these days.

    • Thanks! As weird as it sounds, a lot of those viewers are Facebook friends, where I posted the vid also, and I don’t really want all those people reading Chronicles. I have some select friends that I’ve shared it with, but beyond that it’s mostly just other bloggers. It’s up to about 70 views right now… cool!

  5. bigsheepcommunications

    Very sweet – someday you’ll be dancing to that at her wedding.

    • Thanks, I hope so! I’m already freaking out that I’ll have to SING it at the wedding and won’t be able to get through it. I have an uncle who’s a very talented singer and guitarist, who sang to his daugher (my cousin) at her wedding, can’t remember the exact song but something like Daddy’s Little Girl. Made everybody, and I mean everybody cry! But he nailed it… amazing! That’s all a long way off though… hopefully!

  6. That is just perfect buddy…From a Daddy of 2 daughters, 1 step-daughter, & another step-daughter that I had once before. Nothing like those sweet little girls!

  7. Very nice, Steve. I bet she loves it. I have four beautiful daughters myself, so I know how you feel. All the best. John

  8. this is just lovely. someone is very lucky!

  9. I am here now- and it is beautiful!!!
    I honestly wish i could say my dad wrote me a song.
    What did she say?

    • It’s funny, she liked it, but being a 13 year old with a million things going on she didn’t get that excited about the whole thing. But there’s lots of time for that and it will become more meaningful over the years. She did ask for a copy of it for her iPOD, so I am going to try to make a decent recording of it for her. We’ll see…

  10. I must have listened to this song five times last weekend. It’s beautiful, and your daughter will absolutely love it someday. (I also have no idea how to write comments on YouTube…)

    • Thanks so much! It took me a zillion video takes to sing it without getting choked up or all out crying! But I like it a lot too! Someday I’ll have to get into a decent recording studio and record it. 🙂

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