Ice Storm


Ice Storm

Trees covered in glass

So magical

Branches glisten in the morning light

And plink like wind chimes

As frozen appendages dance together in the wind

Then crack under the weight

of the ice

And crash to the ground

So destructive

One of nature’s anomalies

I am outside

in the bitter cold

The ground crunches under my feet

And when cars drive by

Everything blanketed

in a glistening coat

But the world does not stop

It will recover from the wounds

And in due time

the warm sun will shine

Where the thick ice

once exhibited its radiant beauty

and wreaked

it’s calamitous ruin




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9 responses to “Ice Storm

  1. Nice, Steve (and I’m not even into poetry!)…


    • Brown Road Chronicles

      Don’t worry Wendy I’m not into poetry either, in fact not sure I’ve ever written a serious poem before today!

  2. I enjoyed that one, Steve. Like Wendy, not much of poet, but good to see another side. . .

  3. It does suck when the ice breaks alot of the trees, but man it is so pretty when it’s all over them!

  4. I like poetry. This was a good one. Loved the pictures. We had an ice this morning also. I hate scraping my car.

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  6. That photo looks like a postcard. So jealous. It is beautiful. Do wish i coudl experience that cold, but not as long as you guys cope with it. Maybe just a few weeks.
    The poem was awesome. A start to a song?

    • It was beautiful but very destructive. All over now but still have all the tree limbs to cut and clean up. The poem just kind of came out, but regarding songs, guess you haven’t read my “beautiful girl” post yet, song #1 is done and in the books, I think it came out okay!! About my daughter. 🙂

  7. Nice! Isn’t ice beautiful? Of course your lovely poem also brought back the horror of the Ice Storm of ’98 here in Maine. Every branch would snap and fall and the sound was like a gunshot echoing in the woods. We had no electricity for 2 weeks. It was 20 degrees and our toilet cracked. No showers, so everyone was walking around looking like the living dead. Almost was asphyxiated by the faulty kerosene heater. Good times.

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