R.I.P. Clio

I had a post up today that I left up for a few hours, then the “editorial staff” in me decided, you know what Steve, this post isn’t very good, you’re trying to hard to put something out there everyday that has impact, that generates readership. After reading it a few times, I just felt it didn’t represent the quality of blog that I am trying to build. So I took it down. If you’re a subscriber and you saw it in e-mail form and it made you laugh a little, well I’m glad I made you laugh. If you missed it, well you didn’t miss much.

Besides today there is something more important to report:

From my wife’s Facebook page:

Sad to report that we had to put Clio to sleep this morning. Her 17 year old hips just couldn’t take it anymore. As you all know, making the decision to take a dog in is the hardest part. Her journey to the beyond was quiet and painless…and I thank the loving staff at Denney Vet for helping this grown up cry baby through it!

Clio has enjoyed 15 years of rescue bliss with our family and we thank her for all the happy memories! We now hand her over to run with all the rest of our beloved family pets in the doggie beyond.

Sorry I don’t have any photos to post, I’m typing away tonight on my blackberry. Just know she was a black lab mix that showed up on our doorstep 15 years ago. Admittedly, my decision at the time would have been to take her to the pound. My wife, being the caring person she is decided to keep her. She also had the difficult job of being with her today and I commend her for that. Its been a difficult day for her.

Anyway, tomorrow I will get back to the humorous and inspirational posts that are the goal of this blog and which hopefully I am becoming known for… assuming I have something interesting to write about. Thanks to all of you for reading! Good night!


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2 responses to “R.I.P. Clio

  1. I am sorry! Horrible thing to have to do. Your wife clearly has balls. (In a good way)

  2. You need to google Rainbow Bridge and send it to your wife. Really. Do it. We had a black lab mix from the rescue. Soon after, we got a yellow lab mix (from the rescue – always). She’s getting on in years and I tell hubby that I WILL get a chocolate lab mix . . . from the rescue! soon after.

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