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Things on me are changing…

Things on me are changing
My parts are rearranging
These changes are incessant
I guess I’m acquiescent

My belly, it is growing
I’m not sure where it’s going
My belt size not withstanding
It seems to be expanding

My skin is getting wrinkly
Rugged, jagged, crinkly
More age spots are appearing
I don’t find them endearing

My ears are getting hairy
It’s really kind of scary
I trim them with a shearer
While looking in the mirror

My hair is getting grayer
I won’t be a naysayer
They say it adds some mettle
With that I’ll have to settle

My nails are growing thicker
Perhaps it’s all the liquor
I trim them very often
They just don’t seem to soften

My joints are getting tender
My back, the worst offender
My knees, sometimes a bother
I get that from my father

My sight is getting hazy
My eyes are getting lazy
I’m not in any hurry
For my vision to be blurry

But though there’s changes changing
And parts are rearranging
I don’t think I’m declining
It’s more like I’m refining!


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