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Susie Strong

I was contacted the other day by brickhousechick from Swimming to my 50s and asked to help support one of our favorite fellow bloggers, Susie at Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride.  Susie has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will undergo a double mastectomy today.

I’m somewhat new to the Wild Ride, but so far we have hit it off and when Susie recently announced the diagnosis on her blog, like many of you, I was knocked over.  So, I thought for awhile this morning about what to post… whether I should try to be funny, try to be serious, try to be motivational, try to be profound.

I couldn’t decide…

I’ve never been very good at this real serious-like, life stuff…

So, I’m just going to say Stay Strong Susie Lindau! Kick some cancer ass! We’ll see you in the recovery room!

And I’m sure you won’t see this before the surgery today, but here’s a peaceful and calming picture of one of my goats, Holly, that you can take in there with you.


Because this world offers lots to fight for!


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