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A Moment of Silence

There are no words I can say that haven’t been said.

There are no images I can post that haven’t been seen.

There are no tears I can cry that haven’t been shed.

There are no lyrics I can sing that haven’t been sung.

There are no thoughts I can offer that haven’t been thought.

There is no sorrow I can feel that hasn’t been felt.

There is no anger I can vent that hasn’t been vented.

There are no memories I can share that haven’t been shared.

So today I offer just a moment of silence…



…and tomorrow I will relive that infamous day 10 years ago.

All around me on the television and the radio and the internet.

And when the day is over,

I will hug my wife and children,

and be thankful for the life that I have,

because of this amazing country that I live in.





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