DeflateGate: The Political Debates


Democrats: Bush deflated the balls to trick us into believing the Patriots are a national threat.

Republicans: Obama deflated the balls so he could hand out free air to everyone.

Libertarians: Hey, it’s a free world, the Patriots can do whatever they want, screw these big government rules.

Green Party: We deflated the balls, we shouldn’t be wasting scarce, high quality air inside footballs anyway.

Tea Party: Who is paying for all this anyway? Let’s have a protest!

Constitution Party: George Washington didn’t lie when he got caught cutting down the cherry tree!

Independents: Could we please stop arguing about this and get something relevant accomplished?!?!


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4 responses to “DeflateGate: The Political Debates

  1. Hey you forgot to stick “Occupy the 1%’s club level box seats!” (after the Green Party?)

  2. Life Of The Party: Hey! Guacamole and chips!

  3. Environmentalists: We should deflate the ball and study the air…,

  4. Hangovers from the Y2K Survivalist Party: Who cares about air? Fill the bathtubs with potable water and pass the ammunition.

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