My Humble Beginnings

The Mad Mud Moon Man   by Steve Warner

Once upon a time there was a mad mud moon man. He lived in a garbage bag and he came out every night. Every weekend he came down to earth. One weekend when he came down, he went to a farm-yard for dinner. The farmer looked out the window and the farmer got up, ran over and got his gun, picked it up, ran out the door and started shooting at him but he got away. Every weekend the mud monster would come to the farm but every time he’d get scared away. One day the farmer called fifteen hunters. All fifteen hunters went. A week went by and still no sign of him. All of a sudden five of them heard footsteps. They all split up. They got back into a group again. They were still hearing footprints. All the sudden five mud monsters came walking at them. All fifteen of them pointed their guns at the mud monsters. All fifteen guns went and there was five mud puddles laying out in the woods.

moon man 1

moon man 2

I found this today while digging through some files.  My mother had saved it and given it to me many years ago when she was culling stuff out of the house.  I had to clean up some of the grammatical issues up above, but clearly my awesome and worldly writing talents started at an early age!

My kindergarten teacher was named Mrs. Smiley… at least I think it was. That’s one of those “facts” that I have burned into my memory that I will never forget, but there’s no way to verify whether that’s  true or not. Maybe we just called her Mrs. Smiley, because she was happy or something… but that’s not as appealing a tale!  So I’ll stick with the story that she was named Mrs. Smiley. I don’t know if I wrote this in Mrs. Smiley’s class, but clearly with a name like that she must have had a positive influence on my academic career!

When did you seriously start writing? Do you still have any of your early stories?


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21 responses to “My Humble Beginnings

  1. When I was in fourth grade I wrote a story entitled “The Red Ball”. A joint project illustrated by my then BFF, Paige. When I was in high school our house burned down. My little sisters re-wrote the story on notebook paper stapled together like a book. I guess I’d read it to them so many times they memorized it. Anyway, they gave it to me for my birthday. I was seventeen so I was too cool to make a big deal about it then. I still have it in a shoe box. A sweet remembrance of my first “serious” writing and my sister’s thoughtfulness. I wrote a poem for my sisters and included it in my first published work of fiction “Summoning The Strength.”

  2. When I was in fifth grade, we had a weekly writing challenge….
    I wrote a story for the challenge “If I were a shoe….” and received an A. My teacher told my parents that she thought I had a real talent for writing. That sparked my enjoyment of writing. I don’t do writing challenges, though. You just can’t live up to your last good review!

    • I think it’s fascinating how people remember things from way back when… like in fifth grade. I received a “good” on this one, not sure if that is a good review and/or how it would translate these days? I’m not a fan of writing challenges either. For me, if it’s not happening, it’s not happening…

  3. I have a scrapbook filled with my early stories, including the construction paper awards that I made for myself to show that I was the 1st place author.

    Thanks for sharing your early work. I love that you have always been a storyteller.

    • That’s cool that you have those, would love to see what’s in the scrapbook! This is the only story I have from Kid-dom. Interestingly I remember frequently writing stuff in rhyme… guess old habits are hard to break!

  4. I was a letter writer. Remember way back when, when we used a pen and paper and snail-mail? I’d start out to write a short note to a friend or relative and it would turn into a mini-novel. They were mostly tales about the funny things that were going on in my life, like the time the watermelon exploded on my kitchen counter or when my husband hooked up the new washing machine the wrong way. Everyone found my letters very entertaining, but really, I was just venting about my life. My cousin told me years later that my letters were what got her through basic training when she went into the military. I don’t write much anymore and I miss it but I just can’t seem to find the words to fill the pages. My daughter got the gift for writing though and has had a short story published in a young adult anthology.

    • That’s pretty much blogging in a nutshell… “tales about the funny things that were going on in my life…” Personally I was never really a letter writer, I remember penning a few, but that’s about it.

  5. I remember in about grade six we had a project to do, I had to write a newspaper and we were in Roman of course there was killing a debauchery…that was the first time it occurred to me that writing was something I loved. I never really did too much more, other than in my sporadic journal, until I started my blog in 2009.

  6. When I was in the same age … and up in teens – I wrote letters to people who’s name I heard on the radio and didn’t know at all. Was very lonely as a child – so I wrote letters nearly every day .. about my worries, my sadness, my joy and happiness. I wrote and I wrote … then I trowed them away, I wish I had saved them. Those letters was my diary. How wonderful that your mum saved your story.

    • That’s really cool! Would have made a very interesting memoir of sorts and the format, letters to people you didn’t know, would have been fascinatingly unique!

      • I had a great imagination as a child – didn’t have a dad .. so I made up dads – they changed name every week.
        My mum took me to a psychologist because of my imagination – she told me that I was in there with him for quite a while and then he came out with a big smile on his face … and told my mum not to worry, because I will be making my imaginations come true and find my adventures one day, then I don’t need to make up things anymore. He was so right. *smile

  7. Loved your story and the illustration! Multi-talented!
    I would have to think about that one. I do know that I tried to teach myself how to write the alphabet when I was 3 or 4 by copying the encyclopedia. I grew up in the days before pre-K!

    • That is a pretty good picture isn’t it! LOL! I’m impressed that you tried to learn the alphabet at that age with the encyclopedia, that would have been quite a feat! I only remember, in my youth years, copying entire research papers from the pages of the encyclopedia. Us kids had to work so much harder stealing content then kids to today. We actually had to get hand cramps writing it all down!!!

  8. I haven’t seriously started writing yet or started to write seriously … or anything seriously written hasn’t come from me: I’m not very serious.

    I do remember writing a story about going to a pot store to buy pot when I was in grade 5 or 6. I’d probably heard my older brothers discussing buying pot somewhere and thought it would be a good story. In the story I ended up buying a frying pan.
    My parents still got a note from the teacher though.

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