Kathy’s Song

Love this song. Been trying to learn it for the last several months. Took about a zillion takes to get a decent video, but finally one came out alright!


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16 responses to “Kathy’s Song

  1. Your voice has a John Denver quality. Easy and clear. What a great image there at the end, the satisfaction in your smile after a zillion takes. Nice!

  2. Great picking and singing, Steve. Would love nothing more than to someday meet up and jam on guitars for a few days. (And drink a lot of beer too of course).

  3. You’re very talented Steve. Bravo!

  4. “. . there but for the grace of you go I” is one of my favorite lyrical phrasings. I don’t know why. It just is. Great song choice, very, very, very well played (and I’ll bet it was just a beautiful on the first take).

  5. You are so talented!
    I love your song. I played guitar when I was young and no matter how much I practiced, I could never fingerpick like you!

  6. Wonderful! I love the music and the words. It makes me think of my sister, whose name was Kathleen.

  7. Most excellent. As always!

  8. Richard L Wiseman

    You are a true Renaissance man sir.

  9. Lovely, so lovely. I have always adored this song. You do it justice. Thanks for sharing it…

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