The 100th Subscriber Contest

Yesterday I received my 99th subscription.  I know you are not supposed to discuss your subscription numbers, that’s kind of like discussing salaries around the workplace coffee station.  But I am going to break the rules and do it anyway. That may sound like a lot of subscriptions to some bloggers and not much to other bloggers, but I thought it was a pretty neat milestone that I was on the verge of 100 subscriptions.

Other than a very small handful of friends and family (under 5 people) all of my subscriptions are folks that I don’t know other than through this blog. They come from all over the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa, which is really cool! I have never really opened this up to my local friends via Facebook, etc.  I have a reputation to protect, you know! I am proud to say I have earned these subscriptions through hard work, shameless commenting on other blogs, dropping a few f-bombs here and there, some cute little poems, and of course writing some pretty good posts (and admittedly some crappy ones as well) that have drawn people to hit the “subscribe” button. As well, because of the sauciness of some of my posts, I have not had the benefit of FP’d to bring readers to me. I’m not bitter about that… it’s okay… sniff… really… I’m not… sniff… seriously… not… sniff… bitter.

A few of my posts have been responsible for lot’s of subscriber activity.  BOOBS, of course, has brought me many readers.  Getting Fu…Fu… Freshly Pressed has brought me a good number of subscribers and is likely the reason I will never be Pressed… but that’s okay… sniff.  Most recently my post The Meaning of Life generated roughly 10 subscriptions. Apparently that struck a nerve with people.

So I’ve decided to hold a little contest to generate my 100th subscriber.

Here’s the rules:

1. You MUST be a WordPress user. It’s just easier to interact with WordPress users.

2. You must be the 100th subscriber.  Yeah, I know that seems pretty obvious! But if I don’t get a chance to announce who the winner is right away and you subscribe thinking you won and someone beat you to it… well… you get the picture.

3. You can’t be a current subscriber… yeah, I know… duh!

Okay, so those are the only rules.

What do you win?

Well, as soon as I can, after seeing that wonderful e-mail come in that tells me the 100th subscriber subscribed, I will edit this post and tell everyone who that blogger is and put a big ‘ol link back to their blog

Then, if you want to, you will win the opportunity to write one guest post on my blog (yes, at my discretion).  That will, of course, put you in front of 99 other bloggers.  Not that 99 are really reading, so maybe 75 other bloggers… or perhaps 50 other bloggers… or perhaps only 25… actually I don’t really know how many of those subscriptions are actively reading.  But in any case, I’ll let you write a guest post.

That’s all you get… sorry there is no money involved… no little graphic awards. You know how I feel about awards, right?  So let’s get this party started. Good luck.





Sarah at Keeping the End in Mind is the 100th subscriber! A quick glance at Sarah’s blog and she appears to be very new to the blogging scene, so please take a peek and give her a warm welcome to our little neighborhood of the WordPress community.  Her theme seems to be about “self-coaching” which is something I think we could all probably do better.  I can’t quite figure out where she is from but some of the word spellings lead me to believe she is not in the U.S.  We’ll see!

Now Sarah, first I will encourage you to update your “ABOUT” page as that is one of the first places readers go when they decide to stalk your blog.  Then, if you’d like to write a fabulous guest post I will post it on my blog here for all these other fine folks to read.  So, introduce yourself, write about whatever you want people to read or know about you, whatever… just keep it… you know… mostly clean.  This is a family oriented blog you know! Yeah and don’t ask all those commenters about that… they don’t know what they’re talking about.

You can reach me by commenting here, or at

Thanks for visiting Brown Road… and for being my 100th subscriber!  Myself and 99 other readers look forward to what you have to say!



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36 responses to “The 100th Subscriber Contest

  1. bigsheepcommunications

    DO IT, PEOPLE! Really, a guest post on Brown Road Chronicles is well worth it! DO IT NOW!

  2. I’m just over half way, 100 is a milestone to get to.
    Your post BOOBS is what brought me to your blog 😆
    Good luck.

  3. Steve, I’m going to unsubscribe and re-subscribe. Look for that email soon!

  4. Dude, offer the opportunity to guest post on the winner’s blog! You might get exposed to an even bigger pool! Just go change it up. Now! 😉

  5. That is awesome buddy. Cool little contest..not sure what # I was with you, but I think the Fu..Fu..Freshly Pressed is how I found you. I have 25 subscribers now….been picking up lately & it feels good.

  6. Whew! Thank GOD I’m already subscribed! I’d hate that pressure…

    “You just won 100th subscriber! You’ll now be my featured ‘guest blogger’ so get me your post. Here’s the guidelines and deadline!”

    I’d probably develop brain freeze and type up something lame…and then have it returned to me all red lined. With a side note “lame? Got anything else?” (or, it would be posted, but rewritten more cleverly.) Oh, I could just imagine the embarrassment! 🙂

    Lake Forest, CA
    **Active Reader & COMMENTER- does that count for anything?

  7. sarahs83

    I’m probably too late!

  8. Heheheh, when I put porn in the title of my post on April 1 I had the most hits ever, just goes to show we are mostly pervs…Congratulations on your almost 100 subscribers, I look forward to the update 🙂

  9. Congrats on 100 subscribers…well done! If it makes you feel any better, I highly doubt I will ever be Freshly Pressed. I don’t think they appreciate posts about farts and boogers. Obviously, they have no sense of humor. 😉

    Heading over to say hello to Sarah now.

  10. And that’s why I’ve learn to never hit the Notify me of follow-up comments via email on your posts. My mailbox gets jammed. 🙂 You popular devil.

  11. Yay for Sarah83! I’m going over to check her out.

  12. I subscribed a short while ago because you did just what I did. You grew your blog organically, concentrating mostly on the idea content and providing a diverting experience for the reader. I’m still in the 80s myself on subscriptions, but I like the quality of the interactions I get, and a couple hundred views a day is plenty for a “writing as a hobby” blog. Congrats on #100!

    • Thanks Mikey, good for you getting that many views a day. I may have one hundred subscribers, but rarely crack 100 views a day. But you are right, that’s the way to build readers provide something that is fun and/or interesting but is also a quick read.

  13. I was about to be like, woah I gotta get in this contest….then I realized I was already subscribed. F—!

  14. Janece

    Too bad we can’t see the winners blog 🙂 But I’m happy to have found my way here. Congrats on the milestone! I’m almost there but recently celebrated my 100,000 visit. It was fun!!

  15. Yesterday, i got subscriber no.70, reached 15,000 hits and had my highest hits for a day 223, so it was a good day for me the ( 13th )

  16. Margie

    I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader (which tells me you have 7 subscribers who read you that way). Congrats on your growing popularity!

  17. I don’t think it’s fair you have to be on wordpress 😦 But I like your blog anyway and congrats to Sarah!

  18. Congratulations! That is a worthy milestone! I couldn’t win – I was already a subscriber! 😆

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