The Dolly with No Head

Let me tell you a story that will fill you with dread.
A tale of the dolly who had no head.
A horrible creature that haunts in the night.
If you were to see it, would give you a fright.

A dastardly tale of lies and deceit.
A memory I’ve tried to keep fairly discrete.
As not to revive those visions I feared.
As not to have people think I am weird.

This dolly, you see, was missing its head.
And somehow it chose to live under my bed.
I never knew, ‘twas it a girl or a boy?
Just a horribly, frightfully, disfigured toy.

Why this dolly picked me, I never quite knew.
Surely there was some other kid who was due,
to have his room haunted, to be filled with fear.
By this dolly who seemed to never appear.

T’was never a sight for my frightful wide eyes.
Looking under the bed seemed profoundly unwise.
So I’d leap to the mattress, climb under the spread.
To avoid being grabbed by the dolly with no head.

So how did I know that this dolly existed?
I’ll tell you the story, beware it’s quite twisted.
I was told by my brother’s that the dolly was there.
Living under my bed and that I should beware!

Then one night I mustered up all of my grit.
With the biggest flashlight my hands would permit.
I entered my room which was darker than black.
I turned on the flashlight, to deter an attack.

Then I crouched on the floor and with chattering teeth,
I inched toward my bed and I peered underneath.
Alas, nothing scary was there to be seen.
From the front to the back or the space in between.

So this moral I learned, you shouldn’t ignore.
What you hear from your siblings is probably lore!
There’s likely no truth to what they have said.
Especially if it involves a dolly with no head!


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9 responses to “The Dolly with No Head

  1. Margie

    I don’t remember being told a story like the one you heard, yet I still feared whatever lived under my bed. I suspect my parents planted a fear, in hopes that I would stay in bed once put there.

    • I think all kids fear that stuff at some point, under the bed, dark rooms. I know my kids still get creeped out in our house at times. Dolls, in particular freak me out, especially old ones. My mom used to have a bunch of antique dolls around the house… CREEPY!!!

  2. Good job! I usually don’t like or get poetry, but yours has a Dr. Seuss style that I enjoy…..thanks

    • Thanks Bass. Not sure why I like writing rhymes like this. Sometimes I’ll sit down to write something and it just comes out as a poem even when I hadn’t originally planned it to be. Maybe its the challenge of trying to find the right words??

  3. bigsheepcommunications

    Ah, sibling love…hope you got back at him!

    • Honestly the whole thing is mostly a vague memory now although we still crack jokes about it as adults. Did I get back at them? No, I don’t think I did, but I guess I turned out okay anyhow. No latent doll phobias! Well actually there’s a few… see response above to Margie… but I think that is unrelated to this story 🙂

  4. Brilliant my friend! Man, you need to be writing books!

  5. I remember now when I was real young…I had my little brother convinced that we had a robot in our attic. Some friends even thought so too. I wrote a story about it in like the 3rd or 4th grade too.

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