From ONE to TEN

I once thought that ONE was enough.
Me by myself with only my stuff.
But I met a nice girl and love it was true.
We had a big wedding and then we were TWO.

We once thought that TWO was okay.
She and I hanging out every day.
But we drove by a sign that said, “kittens for free!”
We took home a kitten, and then we were THREE.

We once thought that THREE was not bad.
There wasn’t anybody we wanted to add.
But then we decided to get just one more.
A friend for our cat and then we were FOUR.

We once thought that FOUR was just fine.
One cat was her’s and one cat was mine.
One day a beautiful baby arrived.
A sweet little girl, and then we were FIVE.

We once thought that FIVE was alright.
Though space was getting a little bit tight.
But we wanted to add one more kid to the mix.
Along came a boy and then we were SIX.

We once thought that SIX would suffice.
Not a bird or a hamster or a snake would entice.
Then we decided two dogs would be great.
We skipped over SEVEN and went straight to EIGHT.

We once thought that EIGHT would be plenty.
At least it was only eight and not twenty.
Then one of our dogs, she went up to heaven.
Suddenly we were back down to SEVEN.

We once thought that SEVEN would be ample.
Add any more and we’d surely be trampled.
“Would you like two goats” asked a friend of mine?
We took home the goats and then we were NINE.

We once thought that NINE was tidy and neat.
Though we were looking for something to make us complete.
Our daughter liked riding a horse now and then.
So we bought her a horse and then we were TEN.

For now we think TEN is all we can handle.
If we grow any bigger it would sure be a scandal.
But someday we may add some more, I suppose
Then we’ll have to start counting on our fingers AND toes!


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29 responses to “From ONE to TEN

  1. bigsheepcommunications

    Isn’t it cheaper by the dozen? You’re still 2 short!

    • Lisa, in the interest of full disclosure, there is actually 12 of us. Two cats are left out of the poem. I had to take some creative license because it made more sense to count to 10. Plus there’s just not enough words that rhyme with seven AND eleven!!

      • bigsheepcommunications

        Fair enough – I’ve been known to stretch/distort/make-up my own reality from time to time : )

  2. You are the best…what an awesome way to tell us about you & yours….you think of the coolest stuff, I swear!

  3. Ten is a good, round number.

  4. Margie

    And you were wondering why your idyllic country life isn’t so idyllic…

  5. I enjoyed this……wasn’t there a show with that hottie Neve Campbell called Just The 10 Of us?

  6. “But someday we may add some more, I suppose
    Then we’ll have to start counting our fingers AND toes!”

    That was a nice touch.

  7. We are six without the pets!!! When we move we’ll get a dog. In the meantime, we might have to settle for fish!

  8. Too cute … and here I was thinking that one husband, two kids, two dogs, one cat and a duck named cow were a bit much. (I only claim the hubs, kids and cat … the rest have kind of claimed us.)

  9. Well done. I think we’re done adding kids, and I have to be content with adding pets. I wish we had the space to get to ten.

  10. What a cute poem! I see what you mean about rhyming with eleven. But all you need is a cat to have kittens and life with fifteen will be living your dream.

  11. Fun post, Steve…we are “eight”, and only one of us has four legs!


  12. A very entertaining mathematical equation with rhyme and rhythm thrown in for good measure. Nice one.

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