The Hangover…

Today is going to be a good day…

The reason today is going to be a good day? Yesterday (Thursday) I woke up with a nasty hangover, you know, the kind where you just want to die. I hauled myself out of bed, walked to the shower, walked back to the bed and laid back down for just a couple minutes.

“Get your ass up, you can’t go back to bed you know” said the little Devil conscience guy that was standing on my right shoulder.

“You know you shouldn’t have had so many glasses of wine” said the little angel conscience guy on my left shoulder.

“C’mon you sissy, just get in the shower, you’ll be fine” said the little devil guy.

“You know you shouldn’t have had that last drink… or five” said the little angel guy.

“Get up you nancy-boy, you have to drive the kids to school in 30 minutes” said the little devil guy.

“Don’t ever do that again” said the little angel guy.

Yeah, I know, I thought, I’ll never do that again! How many times have we all said that? Thankfully it doesn’t happen that much anymore. So, I hauled myself back out of bed, showered up, ate some breakfast, drank some coffee, got the kids in the car, drove them to school, and went to work and put in a full day. Not the most productive day by any stretch of the imagination, but a full day.

I don’t even have a good story to tell. I wasn’t at a bachelor party… c’mon, it was a Wednesday night! I wasn’t celebrating a birthday, anniversary, job promotion, salary raise, lottery win. None of that! I didn’t even have a partner in crime.

It was the great George Thorogood who sang:

I drink alone, yeah
With nobody else
I drink alone, yeah
With nobody else
You know when I drink alone
I prefer to be by myself

George of course was speaking of drinking much more manly stuff; Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, Old Grandad. Not the girly-man red wine that I saw swilling down… out of a box no less… but hey, we’ve all got our vices.

So here’s the story. I get home Wednesday night from work. My wife had a soccer game that evening and a night out with the team.  A friend of mine had posted a status update on his Facebook page about eating spaghetti and having a glass of wine for dinner. Ahhh, spaghetti, the most basic and wonderful of comfort foods!  I thought, man that sounds good, so I cooked up a big batch of spaghetti for myself and the kids, and poured myself a nice glass of wine. Then I fired up my laptop, signed onto and started blogging. Yes, blogging, my new favorite time waster productive hobby. But the words just weren’t flowing. I couldn’t come up with a compelling post, so instead of writing, I started reading… and reading… and refilling… and reading… and refilling… and reading… and reading… and refilling… and there were so many interesting and funny blogs and posts and I was having so much fun that… well, you know… I kind of lost track of how many refills I had refilled! This went on until about 11:30 at night (the kids had long gone to bed) when I finally, through a fuzzy red wine cloud of thought, concluded it might be a good idea to go to bed.

So, I’m here to blame the following bloggers:



Edmonton Tourist:;

Shit My Cake Says;

Writers Block;

Girl on the Contrary;;

and several more that I can’t quite remember… for welcoming me and being my first blog-world friends, for hanging out with me on Wednesday night and for having such fabulous and interesting and inspirational and humorous blogs…

… and for getting me drunk!



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9 responses to “The Hangover…

  1. Been there, done that! You can get lost in blogland and there’s no getting out.

    The next day I always justify it “I was doing research!”. Yeah, right! I just am justifying a reason to have “my cocktail”.

  2. Hey, hey, how can you blame us when we were not even able to share a glass with you?
    I could understand if we all agreed to have a glass of wine on Wednesday night- (and see who came up with the funniest post),but not even knowing until i was able to read your post Saturday morning 7 am!!!
    Thanks for the link. Next time send a glass my way too!!! (And not the box type.)
    Must admit, it has become quite awesome having blogging friends!

    • steve

      I agree this has been fun, still haven’t quite figured out what time zone you are in. Seems like when you are posting I am sleeping. Guess I could google it and figure it out.

      Not a box wine fan huh? A few decent brands out there now but still nothing beats popping a real cork.

  3. I heard that devil this morning too.

  4. Damn had I known I would have brought my friend Jose over and we would have had the making’s of a blogger’s kitchen party! Next time, I am SO in!

  5. I’m a little late in replying to this so I want to apologize port-mortem for the hangover. Actually, I think we’re all guilt of doing that. I call it “drunk blogging”. Hey…Ernest Hemingway got his inspiration from a bottle too. LOL 🙂

    Nice post!

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