When Goats Eat Remotes (audio)

The original post here if you’d like to read along.


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9 responses to “When Goats Eat Remotes (audio)

  1. I like these audio blogs. Did you do something fancy to get them? Like pay a bazillion dollars? Or is this a cool widget I just don’t know about? I do remember the original post, but it’s fun to listen to it, too.

    • No widgets, its a very sophisticated recording studio I have in my house… actually it’s not, but it is a cheap piece of recording software, Pro Tools and a decent vocal microphone. For about $150.00 you can record your posts too!!

  2. I read the original post first and having had goats myself at one point, I truly enjoyed it, but the audio really brought it to life. Nice feature!

  3. Cheryl

    …and Twinkies. Don’t forget the Twinkies! LOL!

  4. This audio post has a very cool sound to it, Steve – your voice is great! Very professional. I think you could host a childrens show. That is, if their parents don’t mind them learning a few foul figures of speech :)

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